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  1. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1343669757' post='552914'] Well, there is a name I have not seen in a long time... How you been man??? Glad you're back! If you're back, that is. If not, then it's good of you to check in. [/quote] Same old sh*t different toilet lol. Work and school my Dude
  2. [quote name='Skoozle' timestamp='1343667853' post='552912'] Good of you to drop by, What have you been up to? [/quote] Been good man work and school for the most part and possibly opening up a hookah bar...let's see if the city will let me.
  3. Lol what's going on fellas!! Yeah I'll be around for a little while. How's veryone been?
  4. Any old schoolers still around? Well holler here real quick :]
  5. Mizo Lemon was such a sick flavor. Both OG and Mizo Lemon are good great. Mizo is just a bit juicer with more of a Lemon kick to it. I forgot to add Peach to the mix. Another classic flavor.
  6. Really nice stem, one of a couple KMs with wood on their stem. Instant classic.
  7. Ouch... Right grommet size = You should not be having this problem. It happened to me twice, and since then, I made sure the grommet was super ultra tight between the stem and the base.
  8. Video or I call BS. Lol jk. However a video would be sweet
  9. Whoolies are tough haha this is a 1 liter bike.

  10. KM > Mya, I have proven that over and over not only with posts, but with videos!! lol
    OG Trimetal is a great choice, I would go for that, its a very solid stem that smokes like a dream, thick flavorful clouds all the time with the right setup [bowl, hose, coals, ect].

  11. Now who the F would make something like this? Why go through the hassle? What company sat down and decided that this would be a great product to put out? [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/facepalm.gif[/img] Anyway. You do NOT need a threaded bowl. Either get a lot of paper towels to wrap around that threaded part and put an Egyptian bowl on it, or use these really thick bowl grommets/gaskets. If thick enough, either one should get the job done.
  12. [quote name='Stuie' date='12 June 2010 - 12:44 PM' timestamp='1276371874' post='471518'] [b]I can get just as good smoke from the QT and Chic as good as my KM.[/b] The best of smoke starts with the bowl, up. [/quote] I will disagree with you on that. However, I will almost fully agree with the rest of your statement. KMs and Mya are built differently..I am sure I don't have to lecture those of you who know about it the differences already. Simply put, the KM is built for performance, and Mya for style. Not that the Mya isn't a good performer, it's just not in the same league as the KM. Rest of this post will go in detail. Everyone defines "quality" in smoking differently. I know some people that smoke a garbage hookah with garbage packing and thing it's the shit. I most certainly smoked enough hookahs to get to the bottom of which one is the best over all. Syrian, Egyptian, Chinese [Mya] are among the most popular stems, and it was an easy decision for me to stick with Egyptian hookahs seeing how they dominated both the Syrian and the Mya in performance. Widest down stem, silky smooth purging, easiest pull on the market, the best stock hoses ever, tube bell chamber, and great traditional look. People like to bitch about the weld marks..well you are buying a hand-made product, one that is meant for performance over anything else, shut up, smoke, and you will forget all about the weld marks! Only advantage I see on Mya's over KM is durability. It "should" last longer. Then again, take in consideration that fact that every single KM that I have ever owned is still functional with no problems and no rusting either. My oldest KM is almost 5 years now [the Aqua Zakey] and I STILL smoke it over every single KM that I've bought, until today. And no, I don't work for KM and I'm not a Mya hater lol, I just simply chose the best and vouch for it because it never let anyone down. A decent number of people have converted to KM after smoking one in my garage lol. With that said, KM > Mya. All day.
  13. This is the only World Cup where I am not rooting for one specific team. But, I would like to see Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, Argentina[font="sans-serif"][size="3"][size=2] and Portugal to go at it. [/size][/size][/font]
  14. Happy b-day brotha man! Take it easy now.
  15. Mush still laying the beat down! N00bs be aware lol
  16. Egypt might be the last place to even ban smoking entirely haha
  17. Thanks man, in the works.

  18. Guys, the site will be up and running in a week or two tops. We have been having some issues and we should be back in business soon. Thanks for being patient.

  19. Personal preference is you ask me. I tend to pack the tobacco just slightly below the rim, so the foil does not touch it. Other will pack above the rim and still smoke fine, with no problem. I tried both methods, and I chose to start packing in a way where the tobacco does not touch the foil.
  20. I don't remember hating a flavor, then going back to later on and loving it. I either love it or hate it for good the first time I smoke it.
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