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  1. Everyone has to start somewhere, it's where you go from there that matters.
  2. Man, I don't know, not much happened in the hookah world, people got busy with real life and found new places to spend their free internet time at.
  3. Hey now, I had a pumpkin when I started smoking like, 6? years ago? maybe? And it didn't leak for at least two months!
  4. Oh shit, I hadn't even thought of the possibility of quicklights being used. I haven't used that junk in literally years. Yeah, if you use QLs let them ash over. If you use naturals, also let them ash over. Let your coals ash over guys.
  5. Heh, I don't think I know anyone who does that, though I know it can be done though. Don't see the point.
  6. I don't think we have many people from your end of the world, mostly US and me, the lonely European Welcome!
  7. Try packing more tobacco in your bowl. Sounds underpacked to me. Also moving your post to the right place.
  8. I mean, every now and then someone will come and ask a question but then usually they won't check for responses/not reply any further.
  9. I lurk and delete spam and shit, I also reply when anyone makes a thread but that's about the full extent. Really I keep checking just so that in case anyone decides to come back this place is still running
  10. You should fix your pack, probably. You don't want too much or too little tobacco in there, also you don't need double foil at all. Another thing that I'd like to say is that ice cubes don't do much at all for your smoking experience. What kind of coals do you use btw?
  11. Holy shit, someone else is still alive!
  12. I mean, that depends on what you're looking for, if you wanna vape get yourself a quality vape righ IMO, rather than some bullshit e-hookah crap. If you wanna smoke hookah, then just pick what you like.
  13. Well, if you like citrusy flavors a good lemon can go well with that, maybe orange but that's usually on the sweeter end... What brand are we talking about?
  14. I just stay away from quicklights completely, coconut natural coals are just directly better in every way! And yeah, lounges around here are pretty much limited to quicklight coals. While their pack is normally at least ok, the coals just ruin it for me. I don't have a cat so I can't chime in on that topic much, though I imagine a cat can't do much to your pipe. I have a hyper active dog and that dumbass needs to be kept away from the room I'm smoking in so that nothing gets destroyed
  15. May want to make your own thread, also upload somewhere outside the forum and link to the pics, the pic upload here is not in optimal working order!
  16. Welcome to the forum, though it's been a little empty lately... Make some threads, let's chat.O On the topic of lounges, yeah, there's no place like home eh? Like, lounges in my experience won't match the quality of smoking nor would I be able to just chill to the same extent. Plus, you can read or watch shows or just lurk the internet at home in peace while smoking.
  17. Hey hey, welcome back! Nice to hear you're doing well, a bit of a shame that you can't smoke much anymore but fuck it, as long as other things are good in your life, that matters more! Around here is a bit dull I'm afraid, I'm more or less alone in monitoring the place lately, every now and then some of the old regular folks pop on and say hi though
  18. Here's my question to you, what's your inter EU shipping policies?
  19. Well, seal off the pipe and blow into it, that way you can figure out if there is a leak and listen for it's location.
  20. Heyo, welcome to the forum, not much traffic here lately but I'd love to talk!
  21. Have you checked online stores to start with? Usually that's the optimal way.
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