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  1. Hey man, I just moved to Moreno Valley, CA from NM. I havent found anyone that smokes hookah. I need some people to chill with. I have a Kahlil Mamoon hookah and would be down to smoke anytime.

  2. QUOTE (OC4111 @ Jan 6 2009, 11:39 AM) Lol. Of course you are Nick. I'm waiting for 12-50g packs of fusion. I had some Kiwi Strawberry which was pretty good. Nice light flavor with awesomes clouds. Also waiting for a box of CH coals and a base protector. you gonna be busy this weekend oscar ? my dads gonna be gone for a week and im down to smoke again, i finally got another bag of good coals too
  3. i could never convince myself to pay $80 for a mya or any other common chamber pipe let alone $200+ lol
  4. pear, apple (green and yellow), pineapple, small watermelon and cantaloupe the pineapple added the most flavor
  5. as of yesterday im waiting for 500g more of nakhla
  6. nakhla banana is a good banana flavor (and i personally hate the taste and smell of bananas)
  7. when at home i go with good old reliable best of the west but if im out i use coco nara or CH coco's i personally hate exoticas and have been sick to the stomach almost everytime i have used them
  8. i was in dubai last year for the grand prix (GT3) and i was amazed. there is nothing else to say or any other way to describe it
  9. QUOTE (indian_villager @ Jan 5 2009, 11:00 PM) QUOTE (NickReppinThe909 @ Jan 6 2009, 01:58 AM) not bail out people that dont need to be bailed out I got a sack of hammers can we do anything with that? i have 1500 rounds of free .40S&W ammo and 2 spare glock 22's
  10. not bail out people that dont need to be bailed out
  11. overpriced paper weights aside from the qt because its hard to find a decent 13-15" egyptian. go with a MZ,KM or a decent nour (not the karakol mine is shit)
  12. holy shit fineout i was just being hypothetical i had no clue lol well personally i wouldnt mind if ferrari left (im a mclaren mercedes fan) but it sure would be a horrible idea for ecclestone to let them go considering the tifosi is huge
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