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New To Forums, New To Hookah.

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My friend and I just tried hookah for the first time and immediately decided to purchase our own pipe and the other necessary items. We're extremely new to it and were to tired to try our pipe out last night after our friend left so we were wondering what all we should know about getting into this.

Our pipe is just one hose, bought the coals and such.
We also bought some steam stones from the Bigg brand.
Haven't heard of them before, but the place was out of anything
else worth buying so we bought some mint steam stones.
Any reviews on this?

The pipe we bought was just the basic one I suppose.
It was about $20 and came with some tongs.
Not sure if it's any good but we didn't want to invest
too much on the first night.

Any comments would be appreciated. :)

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Welcome to HF!

The people on here are super helpful and really know there shit. And they can pretty much answer any question so dont be afraid to ask. Just make sure that you check around first to see if your question was already asked and answered recently.

Ive never tried the steam stones myself but I know for a fact theres a thread around here somewheres.

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Welcome to HF! :)

What you should know really depends on whether you find this new hobby worth continuing. :)

For starters, I'd think that the coals you bought were circular disks? If so, they are quicklite coals. Just make sure that you light them all the way before you put them on the bowl, meaning that they should be glowing red all over without any traces of black. I personally use natural coals - they take longer to light, but they last long, and don't have lighter liquid on them (which quicklites do.). Well, you will know about them in time.

Ah, actually, read this thread here...it should get you started just fine!


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welcome!! read around a bit, first and best upgrade you can do is definitely switching to higher quality coals.

specifically naturals, and even more specifically coconut coals. There are lots of brands out there, most of them of high quality. These coals last longer, burn cleaner, and usually have no taste at all.

buuuuut welcome :)

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Hello and welcome to Hookah Forum! :)

Make sure to take a look around, do some research, and you'll be smoking like a champ in no time!

I suggest this thread a good place to start: http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/40373-beginners-guide-to-hookah/

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help!

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