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  1. [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1328972731' post='538698'] you can go to a supermarket and buy "lump" charcoal. Its in the same section with the briquettes. It is simply what we think of as Bulk Natural coal. [url="http://www.nakedwhiz.com/lumpindexpage.htm?bag"]http://www.nakedwhiz...dexpage.htm?bag[/url] [/quote] Sorry.I know this was a dead thread. This is my first time getting one in a while. But can you accually do this? Use regular charcoal?
  2. Sweet.Thanks. I'll check it out.
  3. I have a friend that lives in Vegas. Yea, I didnt really wanna go to the dealership cause it's always so expensive. I looked around on ebay and I found most of the stuff, I just wanted to check on here first cause I trust the people more and hoped I might get a better deal.
  4. I've seen a few motorheads in here and was wondering if one of you could help me out.I was just given a car but it needs a few parts. It's a 2 door 2001 Honda Accord so the parts need to be compatible with that obviously. I need: The front and left side motor mounts.. But if you have all three I'll take em all. Driver side window Both window regulators with motor A passenger door panel since all the pins on the one I have are broke. It needs new head lights too. If you have anything else that would work with it that your trying to get rid of post it cause it d
  5. So today I didnt have shit to do. So I decided to smoke my hookah all day and try somne new things. I made my own diffuser which I found didnt make much of a difference besides making it quieter. I made a mixture which I don't usually do,some pineapple and sex on the beach from starbuzz and a little bit of crown 'different' to tone down the sweet flavor and it was pretty good. I cant really figure out the taste but it reminds me of something like a fruity ladies drink. And I found out that I could 'fine tune' my heat to get that max smoke and flavor without getting
  6. Welcome to HF! The people on here are super helpful and really know there shit. And they can pretty much answer any question so dont be afraid to ask. Just make sure that you check around first to see if your question was already asked and answered recently. Ive never tried the steam stones myself but I know for a fact theres a thread around here somewheres.
  7. For me, the "what society thinks I do" one should be the "what my mom thinks I do". lol Thats me right now accually.haha Just no phunnel and my pipe probably isn't as cool. Got a Dr.Pepper though
  8. Starbuzz pineapple First review on anything Smell: Like a super stong pineapple candyy. Taste: The taste was super strong at first, you could definately taste the pineapple,but after a while it mellowed out, even after it mellowed it still had more flavor than other brands I've had. Smoke: Huge. Ive never had a problem with clouds from starbuzz. Buzz: 0 Overall, I think it'd be really good for someone who likes a sweet tobacco. I think it'd be really easy to mix other flavors with it too since it's so distinctive. The flavor is for sure spot on though.
  9. 5 shisha's and 2 were about 25-50g but still great haha
  10. Chris is an awsome person. I had posted a couple weeks ago how I wanted to try some new things out to up my experience in hookah, but I had lost my job so I was low on money. Chris said he'd help me out by provideing a hose and a little shisha as long as I paid the shipping. So I was expecting a hose and a 50g thing of shisha, but what I got was the hose and 5 or 6 types of shisha each over 100 grams. There used but I'm definately fine with that. The packaging was great and he shipped it fast and it got here fast. Thank you so much Chris!! 15/10
  11. Yea I hate it,but I figured I could sacrifice some pretty looks for good taste. Just waitin till I can get enough money for a bigger pipe.
  12. I put a wet piece of paper towel around it then push it in there real good then I put a couple strips of tape around it to hold it in. then I do what is shown in the picture so it does fall out everytime you move....You could also just keep it between your legs if your sitting on the floor and hold it up with your leg or something. I'm sure somebody has a better solution and is reading this and thinking im an ass but it works for me. [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/2psn42t.jpg[/IMG]
  13. I used to always put ice in the base. I only used to use one coal on my little bowl. (Now I know why it would take so long to light up) I still do a lot of things that these guys are saying they grew out of like cleaning,bowl packing, and heat management. I have found myslef worrying less about mycloud sizes though. When I smoke with my friends they non stop take massive inhales and they end up having to quit cause they get headaches or something, but I'll be sitting there ready to go another round. I do love a big cloud though.
  14. Yea, get a big gauged hose....It makes a hugeee difference. I used to use that same hose in the picture you posted then I got a Tonic long handle hose, which really isnt even one of the great hoses that they talk about on here ,but it stilll makes everything so much better and smoother. Youll just have the same problems as me. (hose port to small for the hose) It's worth it though
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