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  1. haha yeah. I loved the hours of delivery though.. Now I'm working 6 days a week and 9 hour days
  2. AYYYEEE there's that beautiful man!! welcome back <3
  3. Heck yeahh! this sounds like a great opportunity to get back into hookah!
  4. Yeah, I've actually been really thinking of getting another pipe to have up here. I don't have much space at the house, so I may get a little QT or similarly tiny pipe (what was that tiny KM pipe they used to have?) I've missed all you people, ILY
  5. It's probably still the packing or heat management. Try to keep part of your pack consistent and change one thing about it then try something else, if that doesn't fix it, change something else while keeping a constant. Pack the same every time and use different holes one time. Then Pack the same and use bigger holes, try again with smaller holes. Pack again and start with less heat on the bowl (hang the coal(s) off the edge of the bowl) and with the holes you had the best results with before (a comfortable draw and good airflow is most important) slowly add more heat until you're getting a go
  6. Whats up, you beautiful people?! Figured I'd drop by and give an update on the recent events of my life and let you all know I'm still breathing. Since my last login: I've moved from Las Vegas to beautiful Saxman, Alaska (part of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough in SE Alaska)I quit my pizza delivery job (part of the move)I got a job at Napa Auto Parts (AKA Service Auto Parts)I sold all of my hookahs and hookah accessoriesMy only intake of nicotine are my trusty vapes With my new life I now live on an Island in a town with a population of ~500. I live 20 feet away from the ocean and in a rain
  7. ^ this thread seems to cover a bit on nicotine and throat hit. Check into that. If you don't find the information you're looking for there, start a new thread and hopefully we can sort out what your problem is also, welcome! And @Bawhee.. HI YOU SEXY MOTHERFUCKER, YOU!!!
  8. i have, no idea.. but I'd avoid anything with lead. So if you go with solder (brazing) go with the lead-free shit. lol I feel like brazing would be your best bet as actually welding would probably be too hot, causing more issues with the stem. Idk though.
  9. neat! glass hookahs always seemed pretty cool, they just look like such a PITA to clean. lol. I've never owned one so i can't say for certain tho. I'm definitely curious about how she works out for you tho! looks cool for sure
  10. yeah, that tubing looks just like the tonics! Awesome, it's always nice to know people. Great score man
  11. shit.. now I want to buy myself a few new hoses lol
  12. Those are the only ones that I can think of that are lightweight at the hose port and are flexible.. Maybe a Tonic washable? https://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-9222-tonic-washable-hookah-hose.html I had one of these, it wasn't bad at all, either https://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-9221-tonic-long-handle-washable-hookah-hose.html I always thought htese were cool, and if i remember they're pretty lightweight? https://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-12404-fretted-nammor-hookah-hose.html and the regular washable KM hoses are pretty rad too, I think mine took a while to get flexible though, but after it
  13. definitely need more tobacco in there. The less tobacco you have, the less material there is to heat up meaning it will heat faster and lose flavor quickly. The goal, really, is to have as much tobacco and flavoring as possible without it causing air flow issues. With most tobacco (like what you're using in the photo) I like to pack it similar to how you did but higher, like go maybe a mm above the rim of the bowl, then let the foil press it down below the rim. This lets it still have airflow and the foil presses all of the tobacco down simultaneously giving a more consistent pack within the b
  14. They definitely seal to the hose port on the hookah. Unless you mean where the tips connect to the hose? Then no, they don't make a full seal, but it really doesn't make a difference. I still get MASSIVE clouds, but as Luka said, you can still use tape on those parts too (also this is a good way to label hoses for specific flavors or make the color scheme unique)
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