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  1. About to start vaping, my good friend sells them. I should be getting the hardware this Thursday, woohoo.
  2. Yeah we will have tea and board games. We are looking at Chantilly, Fairfax, Centreville, Gainsville area.
  3. Thanks Chris's!!! sorry I havent been on as much. I want to add a stripper pole but my partner didnt like that idea haha. Amateur night!!
  4. Thanks guys, I agree in not playing loud music, no cover charges, focus on service. Great ideas. I'm learning that a lot of shopping centers in my area won't allow hookah lounges =(
  5. Disregard the last question. Just saw what mush posted on the steps to open one.
  6. Hello everybody, It's been a while since I've posted here and so far everything is looking great. I am planning to open a hookah lounge with a friend of mine in the northern VA area and wanted some input from you guys. We are looking at space from 1500 to 2000 sq ft, not serving food only drinks, wifi, video games, modern atmosphere and music. I've noticed majority of hookah lounges in the area have crappy service, average-below average hookah and uncomfortable seating. We will be focusing on providing excellent service and great hookah flavors/taste. My question for you guys, what would
  7. When my wife was pregnant, I made sure all doors were closed, all vents closed, each door has that bottom seal to avoid any smoke passing through.  Better safe then sorry.
  8. My friend got the blue mist one, you pull clouds of smoke and flavor is pretty on point.  I guess the reason its that size is to give you a feeling that you are really smoking a real hookah.
  9. NoVA here too, welcome to HF
  10. Packaging: Sturdy Box for the size Size Consistency: Larger than coconara coals Lighting Time: 6 min Smell During Lighting: Nothing noticable Smell During Smoking: None Taste: None Ash: Whitish Longevity: 1 hour and 15 mins Purchased From:  Free sample from Mushrat. Overall: 9/10, lasts longer than the other natural coals that I used probably due to the size.  No noticeable taste while smoking, ashes nicely and heat management is pretty simple.
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