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[Trade][Sell] Clearing/switching Up Collection - Km, Nammor, Xian, Chehab, Car Hookah, Extras

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Linking album as it's easier than uploading pics individually.


Xian: Used a few times, smokes decent. Pull on the tighter side. Comes with all hoses and grommets and a bowl. Asking $45.

Electric car hookah: Plugs into cigarette lighter - worked great but doesn't heat anymore. Still shows electric current, would be good for a tinkerer. Or, one could take out the electric element and just use the top as a windcover to prevent coals from spilling out. See pictures of me holding the 12V lead - it will stay in one place. Asking $30.

Small Floral Hookah: Missing screw in downstem. Asking $20.

Chehab stem: Lebanese stem, appears to be brass. Asking $20.

KM: Was my daily smoker for awhile, but got bored. Good condition, comes with all grommets and tongs. Asking $80.

Nammor: Brand new, never used. Looks like it smokes well and holds a good vacuum. Comes with bowl and bowl grommet and tongs. Asking $100.

I'm looking for non-silver tall hookahs - metal, wood, marble, or a modern style silver. Also interested in Kaloud Samsaris, Lotus, Dragon/Flip Bowl, Apple on Top, and would entertain trades including leather/KM or similar hoses.

Also considering trades for: 3D Printer and 3D Printing stuff, GoPro, Xbox One or 360, Playstation, PS4 or PS3, Oculus Rift, lasers above 100mw, Fiio amplifier (E11, E11K, E12, E17, E18), Beats by Ray, other headphone equipment, quadcopter or other multirotor "drones", computers, etc.

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I'm going to be honest with you man, you'll have better luck listing this stuff on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/HookahTrade/


I was able to sell all my gear there very quickly. Wanted to sell everything to members here, but only got a few bites.

​Never responded to you. It's all there as well. Most of it is gone which is good:)

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