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  1. Still need to plug it in...That to me is a huge liability, though I guess there won't be any coals to go flying if someone trips on the cord...
  2. KM has a line of tobacco now? Has anybody heard of it before?
  3. Yeah, if you have leather hoses, they don't last forever. As for a used hookah not tasting like a new one, this is why some of us have different pipes for different flavors or classes of flavor (guilty...)
  4. Kasbah bowl is great (though I think I'm down to one now ) but good luck finding them. I still talk to Mark every now and then but he's soooo out of the hookah game. The Elmas ones are ENORMOUS. If you want a bowl to smoke for like 8 hours, then go for it, but otherwise, they're overkill. Ty's suggestion of an adapter is probably your best bet though
  5. €15 is pretty reasonable, it's usually ~$15 here, and the euro and dollar are semi-even these days
  6. تنبك بدون قهوة، سلطن بدون فروه You're welcome
  7. Coal Maing, i can send you some Razans if you want, I've still got about 7 boxes left of the 10 I ordered a few years ago (yeah, I don't smoke often). I'm still very happy with them. To be honest, the last great new coal I tried were the Mya Genie coals, they were surprisingly excellent, but not cheap.
  8. The two right ones are 100% Lebanese, in fact identical or nearly so to ones I have. $80 is outrageous, over there the ENTIRE setup would cost no more than $25ish. The one on the right though is one of my favorite styles and takes a fucking beating - it's one of my two go-to pipes (the other is my Elmas 639)
  9. Still got the nargile I sent you? If you need some tobacco let me know
  10. It'll all be fine, I have some old stuff, no issues. Hi again!
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