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Kasbah Male Phunnel Bowl

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Since I know the pre-orders went out...


Please place your reviews for the Kasbah Male Phunnel Bowl here. Any non-review posts will be edited out by the mods.

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Okay, I guess I'll go first...


Kasbah Male Phunnel Bowl Review:


First impressions: This thing is baller status! I got it from of course Mark at Kasbah Hookah Bazaar (kasbah.us) and it was wonderfully packaged. The bowl was in so many layers of bubblewrap I can't even tell you how many layers there were. Unwrapped it and man is it beautiful! It came with two gaskets on it- a thin silicone Mya gasket, and a white Inhale mod gasket, to ensure proper fitment on whatever hookah is used. There is an "01" etched into the side of the bowl... These are numbered as they are made, and I got the first one! :o


Packing and size: The bowl is a great size, about the same size as my Tangiers Mini Phunnel (my favorite size phunnel bowl). I'd say it's right around 25g. The bowl is extremely easy to pack, as easy as any Tangiers Phunnel bowl.


Quality of materials: The quality of the materials it is made out of seem to be really good. I'm not really too knowledgeable on this type of stuff, but it seems to be a type of stoneware used, similar to the Tangiers bowls. The glaze used is very nice as well. I love how it is a lighter color in some places (should be able to see what I mean in the pics below). The bowl has a nice feel and heaviness to it. The notches on the stem part are very well done and add to the overall sexiness of the bowl.


Performance quality: The bowl smokes fantastically. Just as good as my Tangiers Mini Phunnel. I will now probably use this bowl everytime I use my Turkish Canary hookah, and will be sure to use my female bowl adapter for my Al Nawras Syrian more often now as well. The bowl seems to have excellent heat retention and I did not have any issues with overheating or anything. Managed heat just like I always do on my Tangiers phunnels, no issues whatsoever.


Fitment on hookah: I had to use both gaskets to get a proper fitment on my Turk. I have yet to try fitment on my Syrian bowl adapter for my Nawras, but I suspect the fitment will be a little bit better on it. As for the Turk, I just had the Mya gasket first, then the Inhale mod gasket over that, and it was a really good fit. Really not that big of a deal having to use both. I imagine majority of folks using these bowls will be using them on Turkish hookahs, so I feel this is important to know.


Looks: I love the look of the bowl, with the notches in the stem and all. However, when it is on the hookah, it seems like it should have a lower profile. To me, anyway. I think I'm just used to male bowls being low profile. But it still looks really good IMO.


Use with windcover: This bowl will be too tall for your Turkish windcover, but will be just fine with your Egyptian XL Tangiers-sized windcover. Another reason why I wish it sat lower- so I could actually make use of my Turk windcover.


Overall: I give it an overall score of 9/10 (SEE REVISION BELOW- I CHANGED IT TO A 10/10). I knocked one point because of the fitment and tallness. Really though, they are not major issues to be concerned with. If another lower-profile version is made, I'll be sure to get it, just because I think the bowl would really benefit being shorter. I am extremely happy with the bowl and will be using it a lot from now on. Thanks for an excellent solution to the "phunnel bowl for female hookah" dilemma, Mark!


Now, for the pictures (please note that there is a Mya gasket on the bowl in the pics):








I tried it on the Syrian female bowl adapter... works great. Perfect fit. It seems this was designed for exactly that bowl port, therefore I think it deserves a 10 instead of a 9. So if you're going to use this bowl on a Turk, just know you're gonna need a mod gasket to go with it. Not a big enough deal to knock a point off. And as for the tallness, that's purely aesthetic. So 10/10.

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Size of Bowl : Between a Tangiers Small and #7
Shisha : Tangiers Cane Mint and Spearmint
Coals : Jap Easy lights 2
Hookah: Elmas 618


I opend the box to find a Beatuiful piece of art :) Its a teal color very skinny body with a big head well compared to tangiers bowls body. Also This is a Male bowl not a Female it is ment for Turkish pipes and old Syrians or Lebanese. I look on the side of my bowl it says 04 i got the 4th bowl made :) was fancy feeling :) So i inspect it a bit and it seemed kind of shallow, but im used to my Tangiers small which is bigger. but looked well made and had some effort put into it. 



So i packed the bowl it was werid packing this because it was my first time smoking with my elmas so i was very excited :) I pack it use very little tobacco roughly 12-15 grams not much, just enough for a good 2-3 hour session of tangiers. Packed the bowl put the coals on and BAM smoke after 30 seconds of the coals being on, it didn't feel restricted or anything werid just like perfection :) So about 2 hours into it, its still going strong so i get more coals keep it going first bowl went a little over 3 hours it was FANTASTIC :)  I have nothing bad to say about this piece of art. 





Just amazing I am hoping he will make more because he only did a limited run of i think 30, and i want another :) can not imagine not having this bowl for my elmas, Only thing is the grommit that was given to me with the bowl did not fit my elmas tight enough so i spoke with the owner of Kasbah and he said go get some hockey tape, its like 5$ for a role and use that it is a great sealer. So i made it to the perfect fit :) I have zero bad things to say about this bowl. besides the fact that I WANT ANOTHER!!!

10/10 Piece of ART




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