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"hookah Cafe" Hookah Bar

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[b]"Hookah Cafe" Hookah Lounge
[b]Clifton, OH[/b]

[b]ATMOSPHERE: [/b]This cafe is pretty small. About 6 small cafe tables, and then up a few steps into the back is a small lounge area. This place doesn't have a lot of flair at all. Very simple, probably the original interior. Minimal lighting.
PIPES/ACCES./SHISHA: [/b]KM's, standard bowls. MYA hoses, all seem to be in well-kempt condition. You can buy AF or Starbuzz shisha.

[b]FOOD/DRINK:[/b] All the food you would expect from a Hookah bar. Pepsi Products, hummice, pita bread, various small sandwiches and the alike.

[b]BACKGROUND: [/b]No background on this hookah bar.
SERVICE:[/b] These guys don't speak a ton of english. Not incredibally sociable. But hey, what're you gonna do? They get the job done, well and fast.
PRICES: [/b]Prices change in accordance with a standard or premium flavor brand, and how many hoses you get. cheapest is a standard one hose at 12, most expensive is premium 3 hose at 24.
ROLE AS HOOKAH SHOP: [/b]I have only been once, so I have no clue about purchasing anything from Hookah Cafe.

[b]WARNINGS: [/b]This place doesn't have a lot of charisma, it has quality. Don't come here if you are looking for a hookah bar, come here if you are looking for a hookah cafe. I like it, it's quiet.

[b]OVERALL THOUGHTS/RATING:[/b] [b]8.5/10[/b] - I think this place appeals to a very select audience. People who are wanting to get away and smoke. Someone who wants to have a setup for themselves, without them doing the work. A place to relax. Again, not a lot of charisma about the location, interior or the service. It just get's the job done. Still, It AMAZES me how much more service the crappy place right next door gets. Please see my review on Gypsy for a contrasting review, showing my thoughts on that establishment.

Good work, Prince. You run a fine establishment.
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[b]Clifton, OH

ATMOSPHERE: The cafe is actually pretty big, there are 8 lower level tables and two partially seperated areas up 4 steps. There is also an upstairs area with 3 sperate rooms and a gaint tent outside as well as tables along the street (main street for the campus area)

[/b][b]PIPES/ACCES./SHISHA: A mix of KMs and traditional hookahs from Saudi Arabia and Jordan, certain flavors get certain hoses, DA gets KM hoses, grape gets a traditional jordanian hose colored blue-teal, mint gets the same hose green colored, mixed fruit hookahs get black hoses from saudi arabia, fruit bowls get 360 brand hoses[/b]

[b]FOOD/DRINK:[/b] Huge assortment of drinks ranging from 6 types of tea [can add milk or mint to make it more types] pepsi and coke products, juices, gatorades, energy drinks, aassortment of snacks, meat and spinach pies

[b]BACKGROUND: Not sure what is meant by this, but it's set on Calhoun st in the main straight of campus areas with tons of food places[/b]
SERVICE:[/b] The owners are completely fluent in arabic and english and other languages depending on who you talk to, they're all friendly and extremely knowledgeable
PRICES: Regular flavors are 8.99, usually AF, NAK, or a local middle eastern brand depending on the flavor, otherwise it's starbuzz for 11.99[/b]

[b]ROLE AS HOOKAH SHOP:[/b] I'd never buy a hookah from there as theyre overpriced, but the tobacco coals and other stuff are pretty well prices

[b]WARNINGS: there are tons of regulars who go here, and they are extremely friendly but you can feel outcasted if you go alone expecting to meet people if you dont take initiative to start conversation somehow[/b]

[b]OVERALL THOUGHTS/RATING:[/b] [b]9.5/10 the only downfall is that in the summer it gets really hot due to windowed walls and the loud music on weekends is annoying sometime, other than that the place is perfect[/b]
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