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  1. I see that members come and go on here, but I think I'[m going to start making an active effort to come around again. I sent out a "WHAT'S UP HF" thread 4 years ago, to which MANY replied, and just never came through so sorry y'all but, if we get some traction I think we could have a real thing going again! As most, I quit smoking hookah due to children (those turds!). Hot coals and tobacco smoke just didn't seem intuitive with two little ones. My Fiancee and I made a pact to get the clouds rolling again once they were a little older, and we're sticking to it! In the mean time, as most seem to have done, I've picked up vaping as a means to cope with my tangiers and nhakla withdrawls. It works alright, I guess. Lol.
  2. A FOUR YEAR TEASE, TO BE EXACT! But, I am determined to get back on HF regularly now. With two kids and (god, when did this happen) signs of crows feet developing, I'm surly enough to get back on message forums.
  3. Hey guys. Anything crazy happen since my last visit?
  4. How the hell has everyone beeen?? (I attached this picture because after being gone for so long, I figured my first post in a while should come with retribution. So, there ya go.)
  5. Well, considering there is a substantial about of love/bitching going on about our leave of absence.. I'll be on HFTC tonight around 9. Feel free to join, I'd love to get a good crowd goin. ;)
  6. On a side note, big problem beginners have is confusing air flow with heat management. You might have way too much heat on a bowl and think you need more due to a lack of air flow. use a toothpick to guide a path from the hole in the foil to the holes in your bowl. This will help ensure that a lack of airflow isn't remedied by an overcompensation of heat. †​‹ ​Assuming your airflow isn't the issue, here are some preferences I like to use.. I love using three coals standing upright (tombstone style). This ensures even heating along with a smaller amount of heat on the bowl at any given time. Using three halves produces the same result with shorter coal life. †â€If there's still an issue, I would agree with the above and say look around for tutorials on heat management pertinent to the shisha you are using. Not to plug, but there are a few videos up on my/claytronmean's youtube channel going over heat management for specific shisha brands, doubletroublehookahreview.com. †​Be sure to keep us updated.‹ 
  7. Welcome to the world of everyone that doesn't live in Texas, California or Florida. My best suggestion would be to order from a vendor located in Texas. That should be the least amount of wait time, 3 days probably at the most if they ship it out promptly.
  8. [quote name='smokingpanda' timestamp='1348729930' post='557383'] i went to view my profile and noticed 2 ages Group Vested Members Active Posts 147 Profile Views 50 Member Title Emir - Of the Emerald Argileh Age 21 years old Birthday June 22, 1991 Gender Male Male Location waterloo iowa Age 20 whatsup with that [/quote] It's because you're twice the man others are.
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