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  1. I bought an eGo C-twist about 2 years ago and while I like it for long road trips, I just don't get the satisfying hits that I do with the hookah. If I could find a vape that gives me the same power bellowing clouds of a hookah with the feeling that a hookah does, I might switch, or at least use vapes more often, but until then, when I get home from work, I look forward to my orange mint waiting on me.
  2. I passed this along to a few friends of mine I will let you know if any of them are interested.
  3. Thanks. I wanted one of those princes soooo bad but it got this before I heard about those. Now I just use my small MZ for myself since it is a good table size lol
  4. Hey guys, I bought this V2 shika a few months ago because I fell in love with the way it looked; however, I learned that it is much bigger than what I would ever use or need to use by myself in my apartment. It is about the same size as a double pear KM. The pipe was only used one time to smoke Fantasia Rainbow but the original clay unglazed bowl and the hose was not used with it. I will be including the stem, the base, the hose, the tongs, and the unglazed bowl that came with it.   Asking for $120 + shipping costs but will consider any offer that seems fair.   Trying to downsize a lot of the things that I own and having this hookah sitting around seems unfair.  
  5. I'd be interested to see what an AF or Nak + CCN combo does since that's what I am smoking 95% of the time lol
  6. Tried some kind of hookafina that the guy in the shop had loaded up, wasn't very good in my opinion, good call Chris. I've never been a huge tangiers fan but I love some flavors. Lucid M cherry was one of them, what would be the best line to pick that up in now? Nakhla Ice Raspberry and Apple are the tits. I love AF Orange-mint premix :) 2 Apple mint is also a good one, saves a little time :) Starbuzz is dead to me after they changed their pineapple formula. SS is better in every aspect IMHO One boho is enough for me :P. I'll have to look into that KM Prince, I've been thinking of tracking down a new AF LS but KM is usually reliable I've noticed CCN going up in price at a few places, maybe it's just because I try to buy locally to support the shops, maybe it's time to order online?   Man, seems like the hookah industry has been kind of stagnant lately then, I remember back when I first started coming to the forum we would have something new almost weekly to talk about lol, I was scared to see what I had missed in a year!  
  7. So I've been out of the hookah world for about a year and a half and haven't kept up with the industry like I used to back in the day. I was wondering what are some new things out in the hookah world? Kalouds were just hitting the scene when I left and a lot of people are either hot or cold on them, what is the verdict?   Any new flavors from popular brands?   What is hookafina and why should I care?   What's new in the tangiers world?   I've taken to smoking mainly AF and Nakla in the same phunnel I've had for years, using CCN but open to other suggestions on coals. I have a MZ that I use as my daily hookah and I have a shika that I bought on a whim because it was pretty but haven't smoked out of it yet.   Anything else notable in the hookah world?
  8. Been out of the hookah world for about a year and a half. What products should I catch up on!?

  9. *removes rock* Hellooooo. o/

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      Oh hello there, stranger...
    2. agunn1231
  10. PSN adding cost for their online gaming versus keeping it free like it is currently = adding   No backwards compatibility with PS/PS2/PS3 games while XBOX One still has that option and it will likely happen http://n4g.com/news/1329864/xbox-one-backwards-compatibility-still-possible-says-rep
  11. Oh whats that? Microsoft actually listens? Kinect no longer required for XBOX One but will still come with it. XBOX is evolving and getting better PS4 is adding more costs and limitations. have fun with your PS$...I mean PS4   http://kotaku.com/xbox-one-wont-actually-need-kinect-plugged-in-microso-1113142909
  12. new study finds hookah relaxing and delicious!
  13. Could be an oral fixation. Try toothpicks and/or gum.
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