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Gypsy Hookah Lounge

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[b]Gypsy Hookah Lounge
[b]Clfiton, OH[/b]

[b]ATMOSPHERE: [/b]Gypsy is notorious for being "A whorehouse turned into a hookah lounge". [b]This place is disguisting.[/b] The lounge has a main entry lounge, a side room, and an upstairs. Also, an outdoor porch for warm weather. The mismatched old furniture has HUNDREDS of burn marks on it. The place reeks, hardcore rap underground music is played, and upon my second visit,[b] a homeless man felt compelled to enter the establishment, sit with me, and ask to smoke off of my hookah.

PIPES/ACCES./SHISHA: [/b]From the looks of it, all MZ's with a few KM's in circulation. Standard egyptian bowls, terrible care of the leather hoses. No grommets, paper towels used on the bowl, NOTHING used for hose grommets. Obviously, there is no care for these hookahs at all. I'm suprised I went for a second visit. There seems to be old debris flaoting around in the vases. Shisha is AF only, with some special house blends (more likely custom mixes of AF).
FOOD/DRINK:[/b] All the food you would expect from a Hookah bar. Pepsi Products, hummice, pita bread, various small sandwiches and the alike. Cheap drinks, food is kind of expensive.

[b]BACKGROUND: [/b]In informational background on this hookah bar.

[b]SERVICE:[/b] Only two of the workers there are friendly. Granted, thery are a little weird, but still very helpful. The rest of them? Trash. No customer care in the world, regulation, standardization, robots. Terrible.

[b]PRICES: [/b]Prices are average. 14 for a AF smoke, 16 for a house mix. Prices are half-off during mid day on weekdays.

[b]ROLE AS HOOKAH SHOP: [/b]Sells coals and AF for average price, maybe a little more than online retailers. Other items are hookah accessories, and hookah apparell.

[b]WARNINGS:[/b] There is nothign good about this hookah bar. They have been written up for multiple health code violations, the enviornment is terrible, the service is terrible, the quality is the worst. DO NOT GO HERE.

[b]OVERALL THOUGHTS/RATING: 1/10. [/b]I give them the one point they have, because there are waiters that bring me a waterpipe that makes smoke. This place is a disgrace. I can'[t think of one good thing to say about this place, other than they serve orange Crush in a bottle, which I like. There is a establishment RIGHT next door called "Hookah Cafe". Much better service, a review will be up later. Again, I repeat. For you health's, money's, happiness and time's sake, heed my warnings about this shithole. DON'T GO.
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Hahah, I have been to this place WAY too many times in my life. I agree, it is a piece of crap hookah bar. I always think I'm really seeing how much my immune system can take when I go there. For all the times I've been there, you'd think I would have gotten really sick but that hasn't happened yet. Some of the employees are really friendly. Some of them, I am pretty sure, want to kill me. I agree with your advice to stay away from this place, especially if you know anything about hookahs. You'll be disappointed and possibly outraged.
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If you go here, you'll probably die.:girl_prepare_fish:

Seriously, I saw the health report inspection from this place when they came to the Hookah Cafe, our inspection had 2 things on it, fix the bathroom mirror and clean the AC vents. Theirs was literally 9 pages long. Including but not limited to rat feces in the product area, nothing was kept covered, dirty products, roach infestations, termites, no bathroom door, used condoms in the downstairs area just sitting around. Yeah, the list goes on. I'll never step foot in that place.
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