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Crownhookaks Signature Washable Hose

All reviews for CrownHookahs Signature Washable Hoses go here. Any non-review posts will be edited out by the mods.

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[b]Crown Hookahs Washable Hose (Amber)[/b][b]
[b]Build:[/b] Food Grade Vinyl Tubing
[b]Hose Length:[/b] 9'
[b]Handle Length: [/b][b]9[/b]"
[b]Smallest Hose Diameter:[/b] 3/8"

[b]Looks:[/b] Fantasitcal
[b]Pull:[/b] Effortless
[b]Washability:[/b] Washable
[b]Comfort: [/b]Comfortable
[b]Price:[/b] S35.00

[b]Purchased From:[/b] crownhookahs.com
[b]Overall: 8/10 [/b][/b] I have a first edition crown hookah mouth piece so when I found out they make whole hoses, I had to get one. Smokes great, no plastic taste/residue either. I love the feel of the glass and watching the smoke come up the hose. It was just shy of perfect because of the length. 9 feet is a little too long for me plus vinyl tubing is not the bendiest. What I ended up doing was using some tubing from a disposable hose with the glass mouth and end pieces. Shorter and more flexible.

[img]http://i.imgur.com/HvHZJ.jpg[/img]what it looks like out of the box

comparison to an early style mouth piece.

my slight modification Edited by squidget

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Love the mouth pieces, Prices bit steep, can you buy these mouth pieces anywhere else? I read some where german egeglas is similar?

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