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  1. Heyy to All uk Smokers.. I have the following available for sale 250G Blue Mist 250G Citrus Mist 250G Pirates Cave And I can send guru also from opened personal stash Day Dream flavour. Only selling, as i will be investing the money to purchase new starbuzz flavours, thanls Price 22GBP - for 250g starbuzz Payment by MF!
  2. You can smoke it later, but it will taste more burnt than you think it will, becausewhen you take your last coal off, the flavour is still burning for another 5-10 mins inside! Flavours such as mint, especially Al Fakher, strong flavour should be fine even if you smoke a day later!
  3. Hey guys, I have been looking at some unique and rare piece of items from german hookah vendors. Such as the Egeglas hose, mouthpieces etc, they may not exactly be rare, but you hardly see anyone having these around? Anyone actually own one of these, and tell us how its been for them.. Spoken to few german smokers who use these, they say its the best they ever used, very smooth, great pull. Unfortunately , i can not post websites that do sell them, but im sure people know which ones i am talking about. I have also seen some great bowls from crownhookahs, which look amazing too! Anyone own any of these? Any egeglas sellers in uk or us?
  4. Price is pretty Expensive, considering I paid 90GBP For my km bahriya 42inch, with km Rainbow hose, and jumbo Vase!
  5. Love the mouth pieces, Prices bit steep, can you buy these mouth pieces anywhere else? I read some where german egeglas is similar?
  6. Make sure you have enough tobacco in the bowl and enough heat. Glycerin is not generally needed unless you are in Germany, where flavours not juicy/glycerin. What shisha are you smoking? If you are smoking al fakher, guru, starbuzz, nakhla and you not getting thick clouds, maybe you are not pulling hard enough? These brands certainly dont have problems with smoke!
  7. Im also interested in people posting reviews of german sheesha websites? such as egeglas etc?
  8. Hey guys.. Just wanted to ask, where to find a hose just like this one below [url="http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=120926597932291&set=o.374318079062&type=1&theater"]http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=120926597932291&set=o.374318079062&type=1&theater[/url] Just found it browsing on starbuzz page online. It looks awesome, im sure it must be a good smoke too? Any vendors in UK or anyone in europe, or US? Looks Awesome, i am also interested in glass bowls if there are any good vendors , thanks
  9. Must Agree with MrFlavour , Guru is a very nice shisha IMO, Cut is very thin, Hardly/NO Stems, Juicy, but not too thick, feels mroe watery rather than thick juice... Flavour is there, lasts much longer for sure! However, only downside is the flavour is not intense , unlike AF and Tangiers, this might be a positive or negative depending on what you like. My favourites are Pink Jasmine, Orange Cream! Far East was too plain, and so was x on the moon for my liking. Cant wait to try day dream, have 500 G lying in front of me
  10. Hey guys... Starbuzz are releasing 5 or so new flavours, not sure what all of them are but so far this is what i have found out 1. Queen of Sex 2. Peach Queen 3. Cosmo Power 4. Vanilla Hazlenut 5. Very Berry Maybe more or less, I have found one vendor which seems to sell these new flavours, anyone else know any that have them released and available to buy? Thankyou!
  11. Starbuzz is good like otthers have said, but there are as good/better flavours out there, all depends on what kind of intensity, flavouring etc you like. More like a novelty item however, and not for the true traditional smokers who smoke af and tangiers! IMO
  12. Can you please make a thread for Guru tobacco Reviews, i can post quite a few! Very nice flavour!
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