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Hookahups Lemon Mint

This is a review based on the preproduction samples sent. Note that the final product may change during production

Cut: Nice medium cut with no large stems found (althought it was a small sample of about 50g)

Smell: Smells like your typical lemon and mint tobacco mixed together

Lemon/Mint is one of my fav. custom mixes I make. The Hookahups lemon mint has a nice blend - almost perfect. Sometimes Lemon/Mint mixes either has too much mint or too much lemon but this one had the perfect mixed. I would have liked to have the overall blend slightly stronger (only by a bit).

Smoke: Very nice smoke producing nice white clouds.

smoked it for about an hour but wasn't timing it.

Buzz: I didn't notice any buzz in this but it might have a low buzz.

9.25/10 - I liked this one. I would have given it a 10 if it was slightly stronger however overall they got the mix down very well.

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Hookah ups Fruity Mint House

i found about 3 grams of it left on my desk thats been open for well over a month so i figured i would let you guys know how the flavor is holding up

the flavor has decreased slightly but the mint came out more than when it was still fresh
and the smoke is still as thick as when i first smoked it

i'm using 1 3k 33mm on a small ceramic bowl i have with a foil wind cover

it has some life to it even after its been airing out forever

EDIT: after about 15 min the flavor came right back just like new
EDIT: final note it lasted about 35 min before it was completely burnt up

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