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  1. Mine's been like this for a while. I just jam it all together and it stays unless I tug on the handle. I've thought about gluing it, but never had the motivation to figure out the best way.
  2. I'm a huge fan of green tea. If anyone has the chance, check out Teavana. I don't know where they have stores, but it's like the MECCA of teas! It's amazing
  3. [quote name='Tyler' date='09 July 2010 - 04:54 PM' timestamp='1278716074' post='474596'] Lol @ Mac issues[img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/post-5619-1201289386.gif[/img] [/quote] LOL b/c they're so minor. I'd much rather deal with a random extra tab opened in Safari than the myriad issues i've had w/ pc's (Also, it did it to me again when I quoted this to reply)
  4. I'm using the latest version of Safari and it does it to me too. It didn't as I write this reply, but it did before when I tried to quote someone... werid
  5. I think the difference comes with a quality name brand you trust. I've been smoking out of my Mya gryo for over 2 years and it smokes like the day I unboxed it. I guess the best comparison would be that the iPhone is made in China, as are things like this: [img]http://bwaffles.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/harry-potter-obama-sonic-backpack.jpg[/img] Hilarity aside, stick with the brands you trust, I do.
  6. Thanks for the tips all! I'll be picking up some mizo soon. I'll probably get around to trying some tang soon, but that'll be my own stash. We smoked tangiers at a lounge once and she couldn't handle it. Thanks again!
  7. So, here's my dilemma: My wife and I smoke together about 99% of the time. I like trying new stuff, but she doesn't since she's never found anything else she really likes. So, all we smoke is SB Blue Mist. She loves it, and I like it, but I'm looking for something new. At the lounge we've gone to in the past, she's given a thumbs down to pretty much anything but SB because of harshness. SB is the only thing that doesn't make her cough. So, what can you recommend that is similar to SB in smoothness? I think she'd be open to other flavors, as long as it doesn't make her cough. Any ideas?
  8. Smokin some Blue Mist. Mmmmmm

  9. I have experienced, however, that they break a lot easier. To ash them I drop them on the ashtray and I've had about 5 of my last 20 split right in half...
  10. are we talking the cube? if so, I love it. If not, I'm outta the loop
  11. I'm in San Diego for spring break and I just got back from Eric's Oddesey Lounge. The three of us ordered a pipe with Horchata and one with Orange Soda. They were awesome, of course. Eric had the old John Wayne movie Cahil on, and we started talking about movies with him (since my wife and I are film students). He took us back to see his (incredible) movie selection. Freaking put me to shame. Something like 2000+ movies on shelves. Awesome experience. I'll definitely go back any chance I get! Thanks Eric!
  12. I 100% agree! It was fantastic! The 3D was a great surprise for me. It wasn't gimicky (i.e. people reaching towards the screen, etc) but was really intricate and beautiful. The CGI was top notch. Every frame was beautiful. The animation was superb, most evident in the faces of the Na'vi. The story wasn't anything special, but it wasn't bad by any means. Predictability isn't always a liability. I loved it. Definitely in my top 5 movies.
  13. anyone got any spare invites they could send my way?
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