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  1. I would love to try this and review it on my new website i'm working on (youhookah.com)
  2. my km and tangiers just arrived. im in heaven

    1. agunn1231


      Bomb. I have some tangiers on the way to my place. and my girlfriend's KM is over here...i been using it more than anyof my hookahs. lol

  3. Theres a collection of videos somewhere on the net (forgot what their called) but they are of this guy with a black bike that has a full black outfit that rides like this. I wish I could remember the name they were really neat. I used to have a bike (had to sell it because I moved to an area I thought it'd get stolen) and used to do some pretty crazy stuff but nothing remotely close to this.
  4. no he was right she was born on the 21st. It just time travelled a week back (latest technology at modern hospitals this year). lol j.k. congrats man!
  5. I come back from the dead

  6. Yo..if you ever get to read this..hit me back up and update em with your situation..take it easy, hope that all is going well.

  7. Hookahups Lemon Mint This is a review based on the preproduction samples sent. Note that the final product may change during production Cut: Nice medium cut with no large stems found (althought it was a small sample of about 50g) Smell: Smells like your typical lemon and mint tobacco mixed together Taste: Lemon/Mint is one of my fav. custom mixes I make. The Hookahups lemon mint has a nice blend - almost perfect. Sometimes Lemon/Mint mixes either has too much mint or too much lemon but this one had the perfect mixed. I would have liked to have the overall blend slightly stronger (only by a
  8. So my mother thought it'd be best if I had my 2nd surgery earlier than it was supposed to be (was actually going to be late next month) and it's been over a week now since I havn't be able to smoke. Coming from a guy that smokes on a daily basis - this sucks. Good thing is this is the last of my surgeries I hope *knocks on wood* So do any regular hookah smokers here feel all crappy when they can't smoke for other reasons than simply being out of town?
  9. That's good to hear. When I first tried tangiers (maybe over a year ago) I sure had a lot of trouble... but that was before I knew anything about acclimation and setting it up. hopefully others will try tangiers out after reading this... i know many people are afraid to try it after reading endless posts of people getting it wrong
  10. Tonic Raspberry Cheesecake Tonic Raspberry Cheesecake is an interesting blend of a mild raspberry taste combined with a cream type flavor which resembles a cheesecake. This one was not dead on to an actual raspberry cheesecake but we could see where Tonic was going with this one. The smoke and durability was good. A few small stems were found but nothing beyond the average. There was no present identifiable aroma when smoking Tonic Raspberry Cheesecake. It proved to be very consistent throughout tests with various bowls and coals. We would have liked to see a bit more of a raspberry taste com
  11. I wouldn't buy a hookah on ebay (unless if its a rare find) but usually you find rather neat hookahs on there... I've had a few threads before of antique hookahs I found on ebay - amazing hookahs.
  12. For now USA... once we get atleast 10 listings in each US state then we will introduce the international section
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