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Is my KM Fake? (Sharif Amber Anubis by KM)

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Hi All

Recently bought a "Sharif Amber Anubis by Khalil Mamoon" from hookahshop.co.uk


I've owned KM's in the past but really liked the black finish of this.

*The service was very good and the product arrived quickly. I'm not accusing the vendor of anything i am simply asking for my own piece of mind

I have a few doubts if this is legit or not. Due to the following reasons; (photos attached)

  • I cant find this version of KM anywhere else online

  • As soon as i picked it up it felt really light, much lighter than my trimetal KM's

  • The box it came in was a plain box (not km branded)

  • The finish around the purge valve is far cleaner than my other KM's

  • The logo on the ashtray holder seems mass production printed

I've not smoked it yet as I am 50/50 on if this is real or not. Your help would be appreciated!





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