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  1. Hi All Recently bought a "Sharif Amber Anubis by Khalil Mamoon" from hookahshop.co.uk https://www.hookahshop.co.uk/sharif-amber-anubis-by-khalil-mamoon-black I've owned KM's in the past but really liked the black finish of this. *The service was very good and the product arrived quickly. I'm not accusing the vendor of anything i am simply asking for my own piece of mind I have a few doubts if this is legit or not. Due to the following reasons; (photos attached) I cant find this version of KM anywhere else online As soon as i picked it up it felt really light, much lighter than my trimetal KM's The box it came in was a plain box (not km branded) The finish around the purge valve is far cleaner than my other KM's The logo on the ashtray holder seems mass production printed I've not smoked it yet as I am 50/50 on if this is real or not. Your help would be appreciated! https://imgur.com/4Ufkawg https://imgur.com/rQOtwQf https://imgur.com/RGs94ao https://imgur.com/MSs5kof https://imgur.com/yGzw5EL https://imgur.com/EtKe4aM https://imgur.com/Vf8xTEv
  2. Hi All Just picked up this 200g al fakher double apple from my local supplier. He reckons its legit. The packaging is unlike any ive seen before. The tobacco itself looks fine. I've not smoked it yet Has anyone seen this packaging for AF before? https://imgur.com/a/b2HeDom
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