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Khalil Maamoon Cactus Lime

Hookah: Mya Saray QT
Bowl: Tangiers Small Phunnel.
Screen/Foil: Reynolds Heavy Duty.
Hose: TXH V3.
Coals: Two Coconaras.
Base Liquid: Water.

Appearance: Looks a lot like Al Fakher or Starbuzz, but EXTREMELY saturated in juice. Probably one of the juiciest tobaccos I've ever seen.
Smell: Smells just like it should- cactus lime!
Taste: Tastes pretty good, more cactus than lime I think. Which isn't a bad thing. The two flavor components compliment each other well.
Smoke: Decent smoke/cloudage. Nothing too crazy, I get bigger clouds with Nakhla and Tangiers.
Buzz: Didn't phase me a bit. Definitely has a low nicotine content at 0.05%.
Duration: ~1 hour or so first session, and about two hours (two rounds of coals) the second session.

Obtained From: TexasHookah.com

Overall: 8/10. It's a pretty good tobacco, but it's nothing new or revolutionary. I guess Khalil Maamoon decided to break into the tobacco market. I believe this product, based off of the one flavor I have tried, lives up to the good reputation Khalil Maamoon has in the hookah industry. But at this point, it's more or less just another hookah tobacco, that doesn't bring us anything new. One thing I do give them is they have some interesting sounding flavors, most specifically Ice Cream Blueberry Vanilla. I definitely want to try that one sometime!

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