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Vape Royalty

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These guys are great.


Ended up getting another rig. I wanted to keep one at work and one at home.


I picked up a HCigar Nemisis, Tobh Atty and Vapetasia Wide Bore Tip.


Everything was shipped out that afternoon, and I had the stuff 3 days later. Once opening and inspecting all of the stuff, I found that the negative posts on the Tobh were not drilled all the way through. I contacted Vape Royalty right away.


I then continued to check everything else out and found out the Vapetasia tip was press fit (noted the website) and did not sit in the top cap of the Tobh.


Once contacted by VP they were able to take back the Tobh base and drip tip and exchange it for the right products. They even provided a shipping label.


The whole exchange took about a week (due to a weekend and snow storms).  They either finished drilling out the Tobh or gave me a new base the (S/N was the same but this is also a clone) and gave me a different tip.


I would use them again.  They only place they could improve would be response time for customer service, there is no phone # and I think there may only be one person responding to emails but none the less they went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my order.


A few other things to note. READ the return policy for all items, they do make it every clear that there are products they will not except back for heath reasons.


- Mike

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