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  1. I was thinking about buying one of these but the lack of replacement parts worried me.   I wonder if someone could make a completely rebuildable clearomizer like this with the DNA 40 chip...that would be cool.
  2. These guys are great.   Ended up getting another rig. I wanted to keep one at work and one at home.   I picked up a HCigar Nemisis, Tobh Atty and Vapetasia Wide Bore Tip.   Everything was shipped out that afternoon, and I had the stuff 3 days later. Once opening and inspecting all of the stuff, I found that the negative posts on the Tobh were not drilled all the way through. I contacted Vape Royalty right away.   I then continued to check everything else out and found out the Vapetasia tip was press fit (noted the website) and did not sit in the top cap of the Tobh.   Once contacted by VP they were able to take back the Tobh base and drip tip and exchange it for the right products. They even provided a shipping label.   The whole exchange took about a week (due to a weekend and snow storms).  They either finished drilling out the Tobh or gave me a new base the (S/N was the same but this is also a clone) and gave me a different tip.   I would use them again.  They only place they could improve would be response time for customer service, there is no phone # and I think there may only be one person responding to emails but none the less they went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my order.   A few other things to note. READ the return policy for all items, they do make it every clear that there are products they will not except back for heath reasons.   - Mike
  3. I would assume it would be fine.. 2-3 hours non stop is a lot of hits when you think about it.
  4. Yeah, I am chain vaping. Not as quickly as smoking hookah but a similar pace
  5. Thanks for the info guys!   Yeah I must have hit 3.6-3.5 last night because I was fighting to get anything at all.    I cant complain with the Samsung 25rs. I only smoke in the evening while watching TV this is usually 1-3 hours with the .26 build you sent me and the Batteries last about 3 hours. Which is perfect.
  6. mjdx88


    I got Blueberry, French Vanilla, Peach Tea, Strawberry Mojo, Mango Tea, Lemonade. They also threw in Sweet & Cream and Mango Peach Tango   So far, I have smoked;   Blueberry - Very close to what tang Blueberry tasted like(sugary and sweet). I am steeping it a few more days to see if the flavor gets stronger, right now its just a little light.   French Vanilla  - This is a nice light flavor, rich vanilla notes, just about what I would expect   Strawberry Mojo - This is a strawberry mojito. I am really digging this one, its got a little bit of throat kick but balanced. The mint could be a bit stronger.   Lemonade - I just re-wicked last night because I smoked the chocolate mint and I couldnt get anything else over it. So the first thing I put in was the lemonade and this was unsmokable. The lemon flavor was there and it has potential but there was a ton of throat kick and it was very harsh. My wife compared it to smoking the powered sugar from the mix.  I am going to let this sit for a week or so before trying it again.   I am looking at tigers blood, orange cream, Havana bourbon, Blue Lemon Squeeze, and Blood Good Oranges for my next order.   I hope MBV fixed production issues the Blue Moo I got on Saturday is kick ass. I cant put it down. I want to order a nice sized bottle of it.
  7. mjdx88


    I finally got my Vape Wild order yesterday. This was sitting for a about a week, everything smelled great, the flavor was pretty good too. I will track it for the next week or so and see if it gets better. I will be doing this with Blueberry since this if my favorite flavor to smoke.   Also got 2 10ml bottles of freebies with my sampler order.
  8. I am using a mech mod. It seems to me that about 3.8 is where it gets to be okay. The flavor is still good but I have to work for clouds. No big deal though since I care more about the flavor. This is also chain vaping like smoking hookah for 2-3 hours   I wasn't overly worried about the battery life, the Samsung batteries are only six bucks a pop. I wouldn't mind getting a few VTC5s though.   Thanks for the input. Good to know.
  9. This should be a simple question,   How far should I go on a charge I have read a few topics and they seem to be everywhere.   Some say no lower than 3.7 others say 3.4.   Will I cause any damage to the battery going past 3.7? Or throwing it on the charger too often?
  10. Mount Baker Blue Moo 20/80 3mg...   This stuff is kick ass, nice rich creamy flavor with a light sweet blueberry note.
  11. mjdx88


    Not much else that I can add to this trade review that hasnt been said. Chris is a stand up guy!   Purchased a 4Nine Mod and Geyser RDA. He threw in some e-juice and did a build for me, since I am just getting into vaping. Chris shipped the package right away, provided tracking and packaged the item with great care.
  12. Did your sensitivity start before you started smoking hookah? Like, have you always had this issue since you were a kid? Or did it develop after you started smoking hookah (just like anything, it could have taken months to years to develop depending on your health prior to you starting and your health choices while you've been smoking)?       I had it way before I started smoking, its a genetic thing. I never really noticed it while smoking on a daily basis, but then again I had also lived with it for years.
  13. I did forget about the down town push down, I normally only get that on the very rare occasion that I dip...and that even might be in my head
  14. I have never noticed any of these problems. At my high point I was smoking hookah everyday for 2-3 hours with no ill effects. Not even nicotine cravings during the day or  when I went a day or two without smoking hookah.    I am very sensitive to many foods which cause heartburn.   To add to this, I do smoke cigars from time to time and once in a while a strong cigar/ bold will give me heart burn or upset my stomach.
  15. One I would recommend staying away from 2-4 hose hookahs. I have never come arcoss one that hit well, and since only one person can take a hit at a time why bother. You can always use tips and pass the hose. Dont recommend drunk hookah...I have had too many friends knock the hookah over, using single and multi hose setups.   I have used Hookah Shisha in the past, they have good customer service. Also a HF discount code. Just stay away from the there shisha romman I think its call.   My first two hookahs were egyptians from them, the largest one and the mid sized one. Both only lasted about a year so I would recommmend sticking with the KM or Mya.   Factor a nammor hose in as well, one of the best hoses I have ever owned.   Dont bother with a vortex bowl, get a few egyptian bows or mya bowls depending on the hookah. At HS they used to have chipped bowls at a discount if you dont care about the looks these are great. I have more than a few, with no issues! I saw in the trades that there is someone with a few phunnels mini and small for sale, these would be a great addition as well. I used my mini phunnel 95% of the time with a tea light mod/ Scali mod unless I am smoking tang.   I would recommend if you are just starting with AF shisha, good price and flavor not a lot of prep work involved. Its very very hard to pack a bad bowl with it. Everything else seems very over priced, Fant and Starbuzz are a good treat but I could never justify the cost over the flavor.   Also dont forget to factor coals and a portable coil burner. My favorite has been coconara I have been using them since they came out and I have had the best luck with them. The coil burner is required for any  natural coals dont use your own stove. I runined one of my burners doing this, spend the 10-15 bucks.   You will find that owning your own is more rewarding and cheaper! And compared to most hookah bars you will have a better smoke, unless you are going to place that really knows what they are doing.
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