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Relaxation Berry Blossom

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Shiazo Steam Stones Relaxation Berry Blossom

Hookah: KM Single Pear with Painters Vase  :)
Bowl: Tangiers #7 Phunnel.
Foil: Reynolds Foil
Hose: Fancy Hose
Coals: 3 Easy Light Japanese Coals

Appearance: Not the typical stones, they are a Green Tint
Nicotine: N/A.
Base: Glycerin.
Smell: They have as very berry smell kind of like Raspberry with like blueberry and a boysenberry smell
Taste: To me it had a taste like bosyenberrys with a little bit of vanilla ice cream
Smoke: Ya know thunder clouds of course, because we are smoking rocks
Buzz: I did feel something roughly 30 minutes into it, felt relaxed and nothing could bother me.
Duration: ~2 hours.

Purchased From: The mail man, samples from shiazo

Overall: 10/10. I enjoyed this flavor a lot, it had the subtle berry flavor that lasted for ever, was very relaxing, and after 2 hrs of smoking i was ready for bed, which is due to the melatonin they stick in the relaxation rocks. which really did hit me, I could normally smoke for 6+ hours and be totally fine. if you are ever just wake up and say im gonna smoke in the middle of the night, these would be great to put you back to sleep, or if you just had a long day, and your not a drinker these will help you sleep :) I recommend this flavor to anyone that enjoys the shiazo just dont smoke it before you are gonna leave or work or go do anything because you will become tired.  Smoke ROCKS~!

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