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Tobacco Barn / Hookah Barn - Raleigh

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2 Dixie Trail in Raleigh. Across the street from East Village Bar and Grill. Used to be Prince Hookah Lounge but its under new ownership.


Tobacco Barn now carries a nice selection of Mya Saray Pipes with a few nice KM's and the usual smattering of pimp kins and such.

Tobaccos include, AF, Start Buzz, TANGIERS, and Fantasia. They carry quicklight coals as well as Exoticas. They also have Mya Saray hoses among their section. You can also pick up traditional bowls, Mya bowls including the new Bevel Burner, and REAL Tangiers Phunnels.


The Hookah Barn in the back of the building has been renovated. It now has a distinct American feel to it with some really nice art/murals on the wall, American rock and roll with a nice selection of other stuff mixed in on the PA, and now featuring Mya Tank hookah as they slowly phase out the beat up KM's the old owner used.


The new manager is one of the old Hookah Bliss employees, name of Andrew, tell him Mushrat sent you. I will be there most Tuesday evenings so stop by and say hi!


Current prices for all hookahs start at $8, $10 for Af and $12 for Tangiers I believe. My bad.

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