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Razan Abu Mahir Hose

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Razan Abu Mahir Hose Review




I've had this hose for over a year now, so thought I'd review it.


I picked it up during Mahir's Black Friday special on NazarHookah.com in 2011. I think it was around $15 or so. Excellent price for a hose of this quality. I also picked up three boxes of his Razan coconut coals, IIRC. Also an excellent product. Anyway, this review is about the hose...


The construction is excellent. I could not find any weak spots. The mouthpiece is glued in, meaning you cannot swap it out, but at the same time that is one potential weak spot nonexistent. I considered ripping the mouthpiece out and replacing it, as I have heard others do this with theirs, but decided against it. I'm fine with the way it is.


The style is great. What I LOVE about this hose is its classic Egyptian washable hose style but it does NOT have the heavy hose port end that so many have. There is some thin rope-like material on the hose port end, but it's very flexible and does not add any bulk or weight to it. I just think it's ridiculous when a hose has a long, heavy end that is supposed to go into the hose port and 1) actually stay there, and 2) not tip over the hookah. I totally disregard hoses that have these heavy hose port ends.


Functionality is superb. It's one of my favorite hoses currently (my other one being my fretted Nammor). Gauge is good, and the draw is smooth.


As for washability, I wouldn't know, as I haven't washed it. But that should tell you that it doesn't easily ghost.




Here it is paired with my Al Nawras Spear Syrian hookah:



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