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Syrian/Lebanese Style Tiny Male Bowl

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This bowl is so tiny and so fucking cute, you have to admit... Therefore, I have officially decided (cause I can officially decide shit... what?!) it shall be called the "Fucking Tiny Cute Bowl." It is tiny, as you can see, and holds maybe 10g, if that. Tiny, right? I know. The holes are kinda jacked up if you look at it through the bottom, like there's extra clay just shoved up in there, and I believe this blocks the draw a bit. I'm going to try to take a tool inside it and chip some of that away if I can... possibly. Used Nakhla Mizo Raspberry on it for an hour and it's definitely a bowl to use if you wanna pull a quick- I mean, have a short session. I smoked it on my "Tower" Syrian using the female bowl adapter and the fit was perfect. Flavor was good. Heat retention seemed fine. Heat management was okay- just a lot of hanging coals off the edge, lol. The draw is what sucked, and I think it's due to two things- 1) The holes having that blockage, and 2) The holes and the bowl itself being so small in the first place. Only use this bowl if you're only wanting to smoke for like 30-45 minutes... Otherwise it's not really worth it.




[size=1]Did I mention it's really fucking tiny???[/size]
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