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I went back to Cape Town last year to see friends, and smoke hookah in my home town.
Hookah is everywhere in Cape Town, you can even buy them at the gas station!
Anyway, family took me to Cubanas
Visit the site here: [url="http://www.cubana.co.za/Home.aspx"]http://www.cubana.co.za/Home.aspx[/url]

Loved this place. It isn't a hookah bar but quite a few places offer hookah on their menus. Decent choice on flavours and you get six shots (if memory serves correctly) with it.
Sitting outside, facing the moon over the ocean and smoking in a great atmosphere. If you are even in Cape Town, you should give this place a go.

If this place gets too much for you, you can always try the Thirsty Turtle. A small bar just around the corner that offer hookah too. Edited by CheshireKai
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