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  1. [quote name='A13lackFish' timestamp='1334371194' post='544875'] Its $100 in the US. But you wont be able to get your hands on a copy since they sold out of the C.E in the first couple of weeks lol. As for the above, considering its about 60 bucks for a game new, assume 20 bucks for d2 w. LOD, and then 20 for in game content and the skull. Its pretty good stuff. Especially considering Ive waited about 10 years for this lol. [/quote] I was lucky to get my paws on a copy as it's all sold out here too. Might pick up the guide book thing too. Decent price for two games etc...so close. I can smell the brimestone
  2. My lounge, lazy boy chair Or outside under the moon. Oh so romantic
  3. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1334732981' post='545270'] I say face your fear and smoke pan rasna once again!! Pack it, smoke it, stand your ground and be like [img]http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/2268/cartmanwall4800x600.png[/img] It works. [/quote] Lulz, I fear it more than I fear clowns
  4. [quote name='IainUM' timestamp='1334472622' post='544971'] i get that sometimes, too, and i think it might just be from my throat or mouth getting too dry. it normally only happens when i take a bunch of pulls with relatively no break. just keep drinking water and take some time between pulls once and a while [/quote] Helps a lot, thanks
  5. Thanks for the responses When I moved to NZ, I had takend a break from hookah for about two years, and still the gagging...It doesn't happen all the time so I guess I'll just have to deal with it. [quote name='Bawhee' timestamp='1334417406' post='544920'] how deep down your throat are you pushing the hose exactly...? [/quote] Ha!
  6. Nah wasn't harsh, just had that cooling menthol feel. I have never had it since
  7. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1334403000' post='544907'] Can you elaborate on what you mean by "smoke too much"? [/quote] No such thing If I take a deep inhale
  8. Okay, this might sound a bit odd. A few years back, I tried a flavour called "Pan Rasna" (I think that's it). From what I remember, it was some rose/menthol thing. Made me gag almost everytime. Sadly, now if I smoke too much, I start to gag when I pull. Anyone else know about this? How to stop it? /annoyed
  9. Here in NZ it's $215 but I don't know what that is in US $. Probably the monst I have ever spent on a game. I am not a big gamer but this is Diablo, and the collector's edition comes with the second game so I thought it was pretty decent
  10. I went back to Cape Town last year to see friends, and smoke hookah in my home town. Hookah is everywhere in Cape Town, you can even buy them at the gas station! Anyway, family took me to Cubanas Visit the site here: [url="http://www.cubana.co.za/Home.aspx"]http://www.cubana.co.za/Home.aspx[/url] Loved this place. It isn't a hookah bar but quite a few places offer hookah on their menus. Decent choice on flavours and you get six shots (if memory serves correctly) with it. Sitting outside, facing the moon over the ocean and smoking in a great atmosphere. If you are even in Cape Town, you should give this place a go. If this place gets too much for you, you can always try the Thirsty Turtle. A small bar just around the corner that offer hookah too.
  11. Been waiting [b]SO [/b]long for this. I have pre ordered the collector's edition and only have a small amount left to pay off. I shall def be playing as the Witch Doctor but will have a go at all the characters. Next month *fan girl squeal*
  12. Hi guys Think I was member here ages ago but anyway. I'm Kai. South African currently living in New Zealand. I have had a love relationship with hookah since I was fifteen, smoking from a hookah brought back from Mecca by a friend's gran. Hookah seems to be a big thing in SA, but not that big here in NZ All I own at the moment is a no name 3 piped hub. Named Stash, after my friend who introduced me to this wonder. I'm a barista and love a great coffee. Shisha of choice is Al Fakher Anyway, that's me
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