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Hadouta is a self proclaimed coffee shop, their main item being hookah, they arent really known for their coffee. Actually their coffee is kinda bad, but the hookah usually is. The problem being that I get along well with the owner and his brother so they always try their best to give me a great hookah. I have heard some people complaining about the fact that you must order a drink if you want to smoke, but that is more of a precaution since a lot of the people that go there are destructive assholes that often dont have any intention to relax normally but just want to hang around and bother people. Overall the place is pretty neat however some of the furniture is in bad state making it all feel a bit cheap. The main issue I have with that is that it most certainly is not cheap with drinks being fairly expensive and hookah being 7€ for 1 bowl of nakhla and 10€ for one bowl of Al Fakher, extra coals are 4€ per piece. The prices also may vary if you feel like bartering a little... Over all I like the place becouse Ive grown attached to it (I started going before the prices were ridiculous) however the prices have made my visits there less frequent. I guess id rate it 6/10 which is the best our capital has to offer at the moment :/

Oh, you can also buy hookahs and all items that you might need to smoke at home but the prices are shit. 5€for 10 coals, 25€ for 250g nakhla, 35€ for 250g Al Fakher, hookahs, hoses etc. all change price if you barter and if the owner is in a good/bad mood. You may occasionally get a deal where he lowers the prices of tobacco if you also buy coals or something. If you ever go to Slovenia and feel like a smoke you may want to visit this place, if you seem nice youre gonna get served good shisha. Though it may be best to just PM me beforehand so I can go with you or bring my stuff to town and we can be sure its good shisha :D

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