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Petit Cafe

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[font="Tahoma"][size=2]So they have two locations (actually more, but only two that matter for Beirut): in the strip of cafes downtown, and at Raouché, next to Bay Rock (already reviewed). The menu is the same at both. For the downtown one see my generic review of downtown cafes. [/size][/font]
[font="Tahoma"][size=2]Atmosphere: 4/5. A place at Raouché that doesn't have a terrace with a view of the sea is really missing out (see Bay Rock for somewhere that got it right). However, the place is very classy. It's a HUGE space, with very nice armchairs and couches, nice decor, etc. Really nothing wrong with it only that the location is insane for it to be indoor-focused. [/size][/font]
Argileh: 5/5. On my most recent trip to Beirut, this was the best hitting, cloud-monster argile I had. I asked for grape/mint with more mint than grape and it was perfect, not overpoweringly minty, but still more mint than grape. Very well mixed. They used coconut coals, cubes actually. I believe they're branded as CocoMazaya, as I saw them sold in a shop.

Service: 5/5. Fantastic. One of the nicest, most attentive argileh attendants I've had in Lebanon. Very friendly, chatty, and fixed our coals every few minutes. Superb. He deserved the nice tip I gave him. (By the way it's customary to tip your argileh guy in Lebanon)
[/size][/font][color=#1C2837][font="Tahoma"][size=2]Food: N/A. It's a typical Lebanese cafe with food, I may have eaten here before, I can't remember. Being Lebanon, food quality is good, and if you order alcohol or even a special juicy drink, you'll get a free tray of nuts and other goodies (usually carrot sticks with lemon and salt, REALLY good).

Price: 4/5. 15,000LL/$10 for mu'assal. Not a lot by US standards, and not EXPENSIVE, for Lebanon, but on the higher end of the average price range.

Overall recommendation: Well, the argileh blew me away. It's "nicer" than Bay Rock next door, though I think being outdoors with the view, Bay Rock is where I'd prefer. If it's bad weather and you want a smoke indoors, Petit Café Raouché is a good choice though. [/size][/font][/color][/color]

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