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DelSol_si's Custom Hoses

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John's Format

Tyler's Homemade Hose

Build : Well, lets get the ho-hum stuff out of the way. From the hose port tip to the back of the handle, you have basically a plastic connector, clear plastic tubing, and another plastic connector. Nothing fancy, but it's airtight and feels very durable.

The star of the show is the actual handle. The yarn/string is tightly wrapped and feels solid. It doesn't have that rope feel like the KM hoses or the Narbish, but then again its yarn...not rope. The patterns that Tyler comes up with are stunning in pics and pictures. My favorite aspect of the handle is that its HEAVY. Heavier than a single hose. This adds to the solid feel you get with this hose...and I must say again, absolutely beautiful!! I'm also not concerned with the yarn unraveling, but I could see it happen after repeated use. I doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon though.

Pull : Loose. Not much else to say. The KM 2010 hose does have a freer pull, but the difference is negligible. Being airtight should be noted as well.

Mobility: This is probably the biggest negative of the hose. The plastic tubing isn't very flexible. Sometimes manuevering the hose causes the hookah to sway. Its a little nerve racking at first. It'd be better suited for a solo smoke session, because I could see bad things happens if it were to be passed around.

Length It's long...I dunno. Not much to say. It allows you to stay a comfortable distance away from the hookah. Do I wish it was longer? Nope. Would I mind if it was longer? Nope.*/10

Price : Free.99, but I would pay up to $30 for one.

Overall : This has become my go-to hose. My only real complaint is the break-in process, but every hose has that issue. Unfortunately, this one seems to take longer than every other hose I own. It's completely washable as well if you're into that thing, which could be a saving grace if you smoke stronger flavors. This could easily be the best hose on the market, if it was actually on the market. Being free, I can say its worth the price (haha)...but would gladly drop up to $30 for this hose if I had to pick it up from a vendor. Thanks Tyler!

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