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  1. Well, I’m organizing my collection again. Probably going to get back into it heavily over the next few months. There’s a hookah store near me that actually sells legit Tangiers and Phunnels (including picos!) Just saying heya to anyone from the old days and the new people that possibly come across this forum.
  2. Which flavor did you try? I had Mother's Milk, Derailed The O.B. and Sucker Punch. I think I only have The O.B. left. Wasn't a big fan of Sucker Punch or Derailed. Cuttwood's Unicorn Milk beats out Mother's Milk. O.B. is very delicious to me...a bit of a creamy cakey vape.
  3. Yeah, I don't think it's going to happen. However, all this talk about Indian Summer has convinced me to set up my hookah tonight and smoke some!
  4. Just confirmed....lavender, violet, raspberry and the fourth flavor.
  5. Oh, I know what the fourth flavor is, but I'm still keeping true to my promise. I am not going to say what it is. I'm still not 100% positive on raspberry. I think there's mention of 3/4 flavors on .us. I'm going to check right now.
  6. Now, I'm trying to remember what's in Indian Summer. Blue Flower, which is Lavendar and Violet....and two more fruit flavors. I forgot one of them....raspberry?
  7. Oh wait...you're right. It's been a while.
  8. I have Faster Than Light, but never gave it a chance. I guess I'll give it a whirl this weekend. P.S. Someone play Smite with me!
  9. Grape, Lemon, Rose and the flavor nobody can guess.
  10. Have him make Static Starlight!
  11. Bummer. I'm adding Fracture by Alloy Blends to my trade list too. It's a peanut butter vape. If nobody is interested, no worries. I usually just send them to my buddy in MA for a bottle of Lassi by Attara Artisan. Sooooo good.
  12. I'll probably be adding more stuff available for trade soon.
  13. What coals are you using? If it's coconuts, then take 2 and split them. Put the 4 halves on the edge of the bowl. This should get heat through your bowl and tobacco, hopefully heating them evenly. If you need a little more heat, take a half and drop it in the center.
  14. G2 Vapor - Mrs. Berry in some frankenstein twisted coil setup that I made.
  15. Anyone interested? I have 29mls of Bad Santa by Infamous and 28mls of Five Pawns Gambit to trade. Probably more as I try more flavors in my collection.
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