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Grand Washable Hose

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The Grand Washable Hose

These hoses are available in 9 colors and of course, I personally bought one in Hot Pink! biggrin.gif

Appearance: The hose is very similar to Razans and Nammors, but they some very different characteristics.

The tip is actually glued AND attached to the actual hose, just like a KM. I used to be like "Hey wtf!" But I realized that this is actually a very, very good thing. Nammors and Razans are very well known for detaching from the handle and the grommet of the tip of the hose coming off. I personally had a Razan that detached from the handle and one that the grommet of the tip came off, which after time, the handle started to crack and I had to superglie it like 3 times. Now, it has another leak and I have to re-glue it back together yet again sad.gif Not only that, the middle part of the handle's threading and material unraveled so I decided to throw the threading and the material out.

Price: $20 and the place I got it from had free shipping as well biggrin.gif great stuff, especially for me since I am like broke.

Durability: It feels very strong actually. These hoses are glued together with a certain strong, silicon glue that is very strong compared to nammors and razans.

Flexibility: VERY flexible.

Length: 72 inches I believe. Its actually the same length as a KM hose and its longer than Nammors and Razans

Material: The outside of the hose is built with a thin later of a velvety sort of material. I prefer this compared to the rubbery, stiff material of other hoses.

Pull: Effortless. Its like I'm just breathing. Very similar to a Km hose.

truly Washable: YES it is! You can actually feel it through the outside and that its build with a plastic inside just like Nammors and Razans.

Rating 10/10. No doubt about it! This is the best hose I've ever used. My razan would have been, but the problems I've had kind of sucks lol (I still love you Mahir from Nazar! lol)

NOTE: Just like all washable hoses, make sure you wash it prior to using it. My idiot self was just too excited about smoking with it that I totally forgot! tongue.gif

I know time will tell, but as of now, this is the best hose to date!

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Review: Grand Washable Hose

So, when I bought this hose, I decided I wouldn't do a review on it until I'd lived with it for a few months, tested its durability, washability, and flavor neutrality, so to speak. Well, I bought two of these in January, and now it's March, so, I think it's been long enough.


First off, sorry about no pictures, guys, don't have a digital camera and don't feel like dealing with the one on my phone tonight. But, rest assured, the pictures of this hose on various hookah vendors' sites are true to reality.

Well, except for one thing: the white one looks sweet, and I did not expect this. Totally transparent mouthpiece and where it connects to the adapter, looks awesome when smoke's going through it, and you can see when moisture is getting in there. I'm not as wild about the orange one, but I should've thought about that before I ordered an orange hose.

A few nitpicky things here: my white hose came with a patch of what appears to be black tape, and I'm afraid to take it off in case it's for leak-sealing purposes. I also don't particularly like the monochrome look of them, but hey, everyone has their own aesthetic and it doesn't make sense for me to extend my own tastes. Just a warning, though, that these hoses are really, truly, just one color. Hey, don't get on me for pointing out the obvious, that makes a difference to a lot of people...


The outside of this hose feels really, really odd. It's like, wrapped in felt, or something, the whole thing is wrapped in felt. At first I really didn't like this, but comparing it to how my old Nammors feel, I think it was the right choice. While it doesn't look classy like a leather KM handle or anything, it doesn't look THAT cheap, and feels pretty nice, if you like soft things. Anyway... moving on...


Just as good as a Nammor. Duh. It's the same diameter, or so I'm told. One odd thing, though, is that between the two hoses, they draw slightly differently, like one has more resistance than the other. I looked at the mouthpieces, and one is actually slightly wider than the other. While you may be thinking, oh, no big deal, I can just swap the mouthpiece out, right? No, you can't. They're glued in, supposedly to reduce strain on the bindings. Again, not necessarily a strike against the hose, just something to be aware of.

This isn't so much a draw issue, but I didn't want to create a new section just for it, so here goes. The non-mouthpiece ends of the hose, that connect to the body of the hookah, are freaking massive. They're huge. They fall out of my Mya auto-seal adapters constantly. Or, I should say, they did, until I took some sandpaper to them. But, just something to think about.


In my opinion, this is one of the most important qualities in a hose. I'm one of the unlucky ones: two Nammors have fallen apart on me, within a couple months of each other. While clearly, this may still happen to me on with the Grand hoses, it hasn't yet, and that's a plus. It's been a few months now, that's saying something, right? One thing to keep in mind here is that it's not recommended that you wash the outside of the hose, or even get it very wet, because of the aforementioned felt wrapping... so if you like to drop your hoses in a vat of lemon juice and denture cleaner, be forewarned, this hose probably won't like that very much. One other thing, already there's one spot on my white hose (the one I use nightly) where the felt has seperated a bit from the plastic inner portions of the hose. It's right after the little sweatband attached to the body-end of the hose, which of course is where the most strain is placed on the hose. I'm not sure if this'll develop into something worse, or stay how it is, or what. I don't think it's in any danger of falling apart anytime soon, though.

Flavor Ghosting:

This should never happen on a washable hose, because, well, it's washable. The Grand hoses, if you give them a good rinse-through, seem to do pretty well at rinsing out whatever's built up in there, but make sure to wash them very regularly--even after a couple sessions you can notice a difference between a clean hose and a used one.


Well, they're good hoses. Haven't fallen apart on me yet. Washable. Same price-point as the other washables out there. Similar length as the other washables. Basically, it's a nammor or razan, without a removable mouthpiece, wrapped in felt, and supposedly more durable.

I don't believe in giving things ratings of ten, so I won't do that. I'll subtract .3 for the non-removable mouthpiece, .1 for the felt, .1 for the piece of black tape that came on my hose, .5 for the little piece of felt seperating from the tubing, and .4 for the utter hugeness of the hose ends. So that leaves us with a rating of:

8.6! Did I do my math right? Yes, I think I did. Well, that was a bit lower than I intended to rate the hose, but I guess that's what happens.

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[b][size="3"][color="#000000"]Grand Washable Hose[/color][/size]
[b]Build:[/b] Sturdy and Solid
[b]Hose Length:[/b] 74.5”
[b]Handle Length: [/b]15”
[b]Smallest Hose Diameter: [/b]0.25”
[b]Hose Weight: [/b]9 oz
[b]Handle Weight: [/b] 4.7 oz

[b]Looks: [/b]Looks great
[b]Pull: [/b]Almost Effortless
[b]Washability: [/b]Washable and Rustproof
[b]Comfort: [/b]Very comfortable and lightweight
[b]Price: [/b]$19.95[b]
[b]Purchased From: [/b]Caravan Trading Company - http://myworld.ebay.com/caravan_trading/[b]
[b]Overall: [/b]10/10 These seem to be completely solid construction, like no problems with the grommets like on Nammors or Razans. But for a handle this side I expect more weight, that’s the only complaint I have about this hose.


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Caravan Grand washable hose

This hose is sturdy, flexible and well built. If I look at it hard, I can see the glue on the handles though, but it doesn't really make that much of a difference for me. Other people wouldn't really notice unless I point it out. It looks pretty classy, and it feels soft all over (almost like carpet). It is easy to wash and hang up, and I like the fact the mouth piece comes off. The only thing I don't like is that the arm bands on the hose handle don't come off, so they end up getting wet. I recommend using a kitchen funnel to pour the water down the hose. When I first washed it, I had to wring the arm bands out before I put the hose away. That could be a problem for a person who wants to smoke hookah every day, because it takes a while for the hose handle to dry out all the way. The pull on it is awesome, and makes for a great smoke experience. This is the first washable hose I've ever bought, so I don't really know how it compares to others. However, it is a lot better than the washables I've made, and I plan on using this hose exclusively.

I'll give it a 8/10.

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