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[color=#1C2837][size=2]Atmosphere: 2/5. All indoors, a bit grungy, with dim red lights everywhere. Also, cavernous, and sitting in the back gets you no attention from the staff.

Hookah: 3/5. Generic medium-sized Egyptian pipes, Nakhla tobacco, SHITTY MYA HOSES AND QUICKLIGHTS - WHY DC WHY!?? $10 for a single flavor, $13 for a mix of up to four flavors. I got sweet melon and mint. Hose and coals taken into account, it was decent.

Service: 2/5. Only two waiters. Our first one was rude, negligent, and didn't bring us the tea we ordered despite waiting about 15 minutes and asking him about it. The second waiter was a very nice guy and tried to make up for the other guy, but when we finally got our tea it wasn't even the kind we ordered. Sadly, this is kind of typical at Arab-run places.

Food: No idea

Price: 4/5. Smokes are pretty cheap. Drinks, if you get them, are reasonably priced.

Overall recommendation: Ugh. Theoretically it could be OK, I saw some tables with better hoses, and if you get the good waiter, then it should be fine.[/size][/color]
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