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Chi-Cha Lounge


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Atmosphere: 5 out of 5. Brought to you by the same people as Gazuza. This is a rather eclectic but nicely done out lounge which gets a bit clubby late weekend nights. Music is good, cocktails are very original, Latin inspired creations. Lots of vintage sofas and whatnot, and several nooks in the back reminiscent of some beer cellar somewhere.
Hookah: 4 out of 5. Not bad for DC. Bohemian Myas, probably AF in the bowl, much like at Gazuza (see review). They smoke reasonably well.

Service: N/A I've only either been on slow nights or walked in late to existing gatherings there. Service on a slow night was great!

Food: 5/5 (for drinks) Latin inspired dishes and whatnot, but haven't eaten here. Drinks are REALLY good and interesting.

Price: 4/5. Hookahs are somewhere between 16 and 18 bucks, but the place is really really nice. Drinks are a bit expensive, but their original cocktails are really good and quite strong, so it's warranted.

Overall recommendation: I like this place. It gets VERY crowded weekend nights, but at other times is a very good place to chill on an old sofa, drink some crazy new drink, and smoke
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