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Atmosphere: 4 out of 5. Run by the same people as Chi-Cha. This is an upstairs bar with a huge balcony overlooking Connecticut Ave just north of Dupont Circle. It's got a sort of classy modern lounge atmosphere, full of happy hour people on weekday evenings. It's primarily a drinks place. Not my scene per se but it's nice.

Hookah: 4 out of 5. For DC it's pretty good. Bohemian Mya hookahs, with the Mya Wide hose, which makes all the difference. I suspect they pack AF but I'm not sure. They have a decent selection of flavors, but will not mix them! Apart from that, yes they use QL, but the bowls are packed well and the wide hose makes for some big, fairly easy hits. Probably about as good a smoke as can be had with quicklights.

Service: 3/5. Not bad necessarily, but if you're on the terrace (which is really where you want to be), the service is rather haphazard and random. It took a little while to get my order in and our shisha delivered, but they're reasonably courteous. It's tolerable and pleasant if not super efficient

Food: 3/5. I've been here a few times over the course of 4 years and can't remember if I've eaten here. The focus is on sort of fusion small plate things, which in DC are usually overpriced. I think they have sushi too. As I said, this is mainly a bar, so they have a full list of cocktails and beers....First couple times the cocktails were fine, the last time, my caipirinha was awfully watery...

Price: 3/5. $18 for a shisha! God damn. Basic mixed drinks are around 8 or so, beers are 5 or 6. Pretty standard for a nice place in DC, but still on the high end in absolute terms.

Overall recommendation: If you're in Dupont and it's a nice day, it's pretty nice sitting on the terrace lounge with some friends. Stick with beer as your safest bet, and enjoy a surprisingly decent smoke.
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