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Min Zaman

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[color=#5D5D5D][font=tahoma, arial, verdana, sans-serif][size=2][color=#5D5D5D][font=tahoma, arial, verdana, sans-serif][size=2]Atmosphere: 5 out of 5. This is a Lebanese restaurant in the Al-Ain Rotana, in Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE. Al-Ain itself is a really attractive interesting place, it's a huge natural palm oasis in the middle of the desert that has now become the biggest city in the UAE after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Rotana hotel is the only really high-end option in town. In fairness, Min Zaman has two parts, an interior restaurant, and an outdoor terrace (which is very large). I was only at the terrace but it was very nice.

Hookah: 5 out of 5. Typical for the UAE. Big, chunky Egyptian pipes (Yehia El-Khawanky stamped on the tray), looks a lot like a KM. My friends and I had a grape/mint bowl. I'm sure it was al-Fakher, and it was everything it should've been.

Service: N/A I kind of crashed the shisha part of the evening late, so it was already ordered and smoking by the time I got there. Similarly I didn't close out the bill so I don't know.

Food: N/A it's a restaurant but I didn't eat there. The plus side is that it's a hotel and therefore will have booze[/size][/font][/color][/size][/font][/color]
[color=#5D5D5D][font=tahoma, arial, verdana, sans-serif][size=2][color=#5D5D5D][font=tahoma, arial, verdana, sans-serif][size=2]
Price: N/A see above

Overall recommendation: A perfect way to end a day in Al-Ain, the terrace overlooks a large garden and is in a vaulted arcade, and the shisha is great![/size][/font][/color][/size][/font][/color]

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