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Prince Cafe Review

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Cafe Name: Prince Cafe
Location: Tenleytown, MD
Type: Hookah Lounge/Restaurant

Price: $10 Per Head
Standard Per Hookah: 1 Hookah/ 3 People

Size: Small-Medium
Indoor/Outdoor: Both (12 Indoor) (5 Outdoor: Summer Months Only)

Street Parking (very limited)
Side Lot (a bit "sketchy" to park at but safe none the less)

Hookahs: Some Egyptian Randoms, Some Syrian Hookahs
Average Hookah Height: 30-42"

Shisha Flavors:
The standard assortments of no name brands.
Can upgrade shisha for an extra $4 on the hookah to "premium flavors" such as Al Fahker

Overall Review:

I've unfortunately, (depending how you look at it) been forced to attend various smoke sessions at the Tenleytown Prince Cafe. The service there is one of the few positives to the atmosphere, typically you are served immediately and are able to receive your hookahs within 5-10 minutes of ordering. The cafe location is, at best, "ok". Having to navigate the side streets up to the location is horrendous and i cant count the number of times people i've invited have driven right past it all together. The cafe, unfortunately being the worst part, is extremely dirty and unkept. You do not typically feel "welcome" by the dirty, musty surroundings, and non cushioned solid wood benches. Setting that aside though and moving onto the most important part, the smoking, prepare to be incredibly un"wowed". The hookahs at best, are held together by ripped napkins as the owners must not have thought gromets were necessary once broken. On top of this, on numerous occasions, i have found the hoses to be simply trash. Usually unwashed, these hoses have both a horrible flavor half the time from uncleaned sessions, and tend to spurt out black shards left over from months of horrible maintenance. Simply to say, if local to the Maryland area this is not the bar to be at, see Georgetown for a finer, more creditable Prince Cafe, and thank you for reading.

Overall Rating 4.5/10


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