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  1. The one problem is the exclusives have realistically gone downhill. Final Fantasy is a shadow of what it once was, Resident Evil isnt even resident evil anymore, metal gear is becoming open world... etc   While I get your hesitation, its more or less every game is turning into a skyrim, 3rd person, or cheeseball remake.   Uncharted I will give to you because it is quite the fucking game any day of the week, but otherwise whats the real purpose if the exclusives just arent upto par.
  2. Tinychatting, got my promotion today, smoking some hookah!

  3. Tinychatting, got my promotion today, smoking some hookah!

  4. Tinychatting, got my promotion today, smoking some hookah!

  5. Smoking An Odd Mix After Consolidating My Shisha... SweetDrops, Grenadine, Orange Mint, Peach...HMM

  6. Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo, Multipart zombie novel. Has comedy, action, and an overall well rounded group of survivors. On the third book already, and is a good time killer as well as a read.
  7. In not a single trash talk manner, it seems more viable for people to build PC "rigs" more so then buying next gen consoles. Primarily what I am seeing is an attempt to get to the graphics, speed, and multimedia level found in a mid range rig build.... not to mention the online connectivity requirements and digital distribution.    Having a rig I spent over 5 years building up (Ended up at around $6000 total cost including the 60" Monitor), I can tell you I sold every single console I owned [Outside of my super nintendo cause there is nothing like the classics], and would honestly never look back.   Especially with things like Steams "Big picture" becoming more of a normality.
  8. Appreciate it chris, obviously Ill keep checking in haha
  9. Hello Everyone, After some thinking, I am leaving hookah behind... below is everything I have for sale + shipping costs (Fineout can vouch for me, as can my seller rating via Ebay) I accept Paypal Only.   33" Khalil Mamoon Fifa Ice - $125 (Under A Year Old, Great Condition) 42" Khalil Mamoon Exotica - $80 w/ Jumbo Base Included (In not so great condition, water was left in the base for about 2 months accidentally, needs some TLC to restore...worth over $200 typically) 24" Authentic Brass Hookah (Includes Bamboo Hose w/ Carpeted Handle) - $50 (Has a male bowl, good condition overall)   Coals: Coconara Box 95 Coals Left - $12 Three Kings Coals (1.5 Rolls Large Size) - $5   Hoses:   Mya Unwashable Brown (2)- $5 Nammor Black (1) - $12 Nammor Green (1) w. Mystique Ice Tip - $35 (Only works with ice tip) Nu Hose (2) - $5   Burner: Coil Burner For Natural Lights - $20   All My Shisha - $160 (Worth Way More Than This! Mix of 10 Different Starbuzz Flavors, 3 Arena Flavors, 4 Different AF Flavors, 4 Nakhla Flavors, Mya Steam Stones, 3 Fantasia Flavors)... if you need a breakdown I can send pictures as well as exact flavors...   Extras: -Khalil Mamoon Limited Ed. Trimetal Wind Cover - $20 -Mya Coal Carryer -$15   Thank you, and feel free to message me or post on the board!
  10. I may actually show up now that there is some sort of agenda
  11. Where is this located exactly? I had never noticed this topic until it popped up today (pity as i'm sure I missed a couple of meetups)! I'm located in Potomac, MD right outside Georgetown (15 minutes or so) so I would be down for any trip within reason.
  12. Amen to that Simba. Honestly, the one thing that kills me is that half you guys are out in CA. Unfortunately that makes it quite a trip to just visit places like Pavos new Cherry Bomb Hookah Lounge. But I do agree, come for the hookah learning, stay for the friends.
  13. the above statement is true. i cannot function as a tank typically alone just like a glass cannon is useless in inferno without me
  14. can solo d3 inferno belial. heading into act 3 expect finishing the entire inferno mode by end of next week w. my monk!
  15. Friend just finished Inferno Mode. Total Clocked hours since release.... 392... Current Monk just finished act 1 inferno, working on a DH at the same time though. Act 2 inferno is just plain stupid. so if anyone wants to lend a hand, id appreciate it!
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