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Crown Micro Classic (One-Coal Bowl) - Glass Bowl

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[color="#FF0000"][size="3"][b]Crown One Coal Bowl[/b][/size][/color]

[b]Height:[/b] 2-1/2”
[b]Bowl Diameter: [/b]1-7/8”
[b]Bowl Depth:[/b] 5/16”
[b]Bowl Capacity:[/b] 10-15g

[b]Construction: [/b]Glass
[b]Appearance:[/b] Nice Looking
[b]Cleanability:[/b] Easy to clean

[b]Price: [/b] Undisclosed

[b]Purchased From: [/b]Trade from mattarios2

[b]Overall: [/b]9/10 This is Crowns Original One Coal Bowl (Currently Under Redevelopment). It’s bowl size is almost identical to the Classic bowl but just a little bit more shallow. It’s not as pretty as the classic. Personally I didn’t use any less than the classic.



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[b]Crown Micro Classic (One-Coal Bowl) (V2)

[/b] [b]Height:[/b] 3 1/2"
[b]Bowl Diameter: [/b]1 1/2"
[b]Bowl Depth:[/b] 3/4"
[b]Bowl Capacity:[/b] 10-15g

[b]Construction: [/b]Boro Glass
[b]Appearance:[/b] Odd with the perimeter holes, but sexy.
[b]Cleanability:[/b] Super easy. I heard glass bowls were a bitch to clean due to the shisha baking on, but it rinses right off for me. The holes never require any extra attention.

[b]Price: $20[/b]

[b]Purchased From: [/b]CrownHookahs.com

[b]Overall: 10/10. Great bowl. Smokes well. SUPER shisha saver. Unique design. What more could you ask for? It's also the one of the easiest bowls there is to pack. Just pack it, foil, holes, and plop one coal in the middle. Bam. Money.


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