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General Hints/tips For The Trades Section

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OK, as I have dealt with a large number of members on this board involving trades, as well as other forums I would like to share a little bit of advice for trading and shipping. some of this is just a simple 'I would suggest it' to a 'you can get in actual trouble for this'. Take as you see it, hope if helps. A think a thread like this (even if it is not this one specifically) should happen.

1. When listing anything for sale an asking price is all but a must. If you dont want people breathing down your neck or giving you crap then I suggest you at least state 'X amount OBO'. Nobody wants to see 'KM Hookah for sale, best offer gets it'. If thats the case i'm going to offer you $10 and post telling everybody else to not offer you anything so I get it cheap.

2. Before trading with anybody I would do a search in the trade reviews section and see if they have any feedback at all. If they have some good feedback then you should be good to make that trade. If they have none (and you have some) I would politely ask them to ship first. I have asked several people who have had no feedback to ship their end first and none have had a problem with it. Oddly enough the people with no feedback that wanted to 'hurry up and get it because of blah blah blah' reason are the ones who stiffed me. In short, anybody that is honest and has no intentions of ripping you off will always agree to ship first.

3. If your selling hookah related items and you accept paypal then you need to note VERY CLEARLY that words like 'hookah' 'shisha' 'tobacco' etc should not be written in the 'notes' field on paypal. Paypal does not allow online vendors to accept paypal and it is equally illegal for us to use it. If paypal notices (and they do check from time to time) tobacco related words or phrases ('this is for the shisha' 'heres for the hookah pipe') the least that will be done is having your paypal account suspended, along with whatever money is in it. Seriously, I have refunded peoples money on paypal and made them resend it a day or so later without words in the notes field to make sure that my ass is covered.

4. Always list EVERYTHING your hookah is going to come with. wether that be bowl (if so what kind), hose, grommets, extra shisha, etc. Nobody wants to buy a hookah from you only to receive it a week later and find that it has no hose, bowl, or grommets to go with it.

5. ALWAYS LEAVE FEEDBACK!!! If your happy with the trade, post it up so others know who is an OK guy to deal with. Even more important if your trade went sour leave feedback with a detailed explenation of what happened. If I trade with somebody and get scammed/burnt, only to find out that you had the same experience with them prior and failed to post it you can believe I will be a little upset with you for not warning the rest of us.

6. communicaton. if you dont get the money/package/whatever out on time, shoot a pm to the person and let them know. Life happens, things come up. people understand that. What people dont understand is not hearing from somebody for a week or more with no explenation.


1. It is illegal to actually ship any form of tobacco via usps/fedex/ups at any time without a tobacco liscense like retailers have. NEVER mention to the post office what you are shipping. Shipping pipes/hoses and items like that is perfectly OK, but not the shisha itself.

2. When shipping shisha is it always a good idea to place the shisha inside of a baggy, regardless of what kind of container it comes in. This will insure two things. First that your shisha wont leak all over everything else in the box and second, that it would leak outside of the box, thus pulling the attention of the usps/fedex/etc who does not allow the shipping of tobacco.

3. If your shipping a pipe or a hose I would always suggest insuring it for the MSRP of the product. Note that I did not say insure it for what your selling it for, or what you paid for it from somebody else, but the MSRP as thats what you would likely have to pay to replace it. Also keep in mind if you ship somebody a glass vase and upon arrival its shattered in to 5000 pieces then the responsibility for that vase is soley on YOU for not packaging it well enough. If you didnt insure it, your out the money for that trade.

4. ALWAYS ship with a Delivery Confirmation #. Its only sixty five cents, nothing thats going to break you. It's also a small price to pay for piece of mind for both you and the person your shipping two. It gives them proof that you have at least mailed something to them, and from personal experiece, I also find it keeps the employees of the post office a little more honest about your package if they know somebody is tracking it.
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Great job, lots of good guidelines for people to follow. +1 to the stickyness!
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