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  1. Nakhla was bought out by a Japanese company a couple years back and they severely cut down their offerings. You can't even get Mizo Mint anymore 😕
  2. The issue may not be the bowl itself but how you pack it. Vortex bowl holds a different volume of tobacco and, due to the spire on the vortex, the amount of air going through the coals and foil may differ. You'll need to play around a bit and figure out what specific things you need to do differently when packing the clay bowl. That means trying out different hole patters, packing density, how high you pack, number of coals, etc.
  3. Are you sure you smoked hookah tobacco and not, you know, 20 hits of speed?
  4. Holy cow that is some throwback. All we need is some Scalli bowls and MNH funnels and it's back to '08.
  5. IIRC, warm water makes more smoke. If you want a cool smoke feeling, and don't mind mint flavor, then add some mint flavor to your bowls.
  6. Don't do it, man. The only successful hookah lounge in SoFla that comes to mind is that one on Lincoln Rd. and that one's more of a bar that happens to have hookahs in a very good location.
  7. The video is cool but it has to reload at every page load which means black bars when the new page first appears. I have no idea if it's the same issue with images. I'm digging the club vibe of the video, though.
  8. Dibs on: 1x Sweet Melon 2x Mizo Apple 1x Ice Apple 2x Mizo Grape 2x Ice Grape
  9. You have an updated list of what's still available?
  10. ​Indeed. I can't get it to smoke as well as when using foil but setup and cleanup is sooooooo much easier.
  11. ​Do you leave or make a hole in the center of the Lotus? And welcome back Lunchbox!
  12. thehelios


    Can't tell if it's a KLR or weeStrom.
  13. Are you in the States? Shipping only seems to be to several countries surrounding Germany.
  14. It looks like a generic Chinese hookah so you're going to have a hard time finding it.
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