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Found 14 results

  1. New Hookahs, Flavors, and Accessories! Stock up for Halloween weekend! You don't want to run out of flavors or charcoals. We got it all! Hookahs Check out the new Amira, Deezer, Starbuzz, and MYA hookahs we just added! We have many new multiple hose hookahs available. BUY NOW Shisha Flavors Trifecta fully stocked! Check out the new flavor Nawar! BUY NOW Charcoals Cocourth and Golden Desert charcoal brands now available! Also our most popular brands Titanium and Coconara have been restocked. BUY NOW Hookah Accessories Alpaca bowls in stock - Predator, Rook, Apache, LeRook, and LiApache. New Lolli-Tip flavors are back in stock as well. BUY NOW ENJOY 15% OFF Be sure to enter code: FALLSALE at checkout to save! 15% Off on ALL orders. Expires 10/26/18 SHOP NOW
  2. New Hookahs, Flavors, and Accessories! Stock up this summer with some new hookah products! We got in some fancy new Amira, MYA, and Deezer hookahs along with a few new Afzal flavors. Don't forget to check out the couple of new charcoal brands we added along with some new hookah accessories! Hookahs Check out the new Amira, Deezer, Starbuzz, and MYA hookahs we just added! We have many new multiple hose hookahs available. BUY NOW Shisha Flavors New Afzal flavors added, Al Waha flavors added, Trifecta Dark Blend is gaining huge popularity if you haven't tried it out yet. BUY NOW Charcoals Cocourth and Golden Desert charcoal brands now available! Also our most popular brands Titanium and Coconara have been restocked. BUY NOW Hookah Accessories Tangiers phunnel bowls in stock - pico, small, medium, large, super chiefs! All lolli-tip flavors are back in stock as well. BUY NOW ENJOY 10% OFF + Free Shipping Be sure to enter code: SUMMER at checkout to save! 10% Off on ALL orders and if over $100 we will throw in FREE shipping for domestic USA orders. Choose Fedex Ground option for the free shipping if over $100. Expires 7/21/18 SHOP NOW
  3. Happy New Year! 2 Day only sale at TexasHookah.com! 20% Off Total Purchase - discount code: newyear #hookah #hookahs #shisha #newyear #nye2018
  4. HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday Deals! We have a very simple and large discount for you! 20% Off Total Purchase! Check out our new products we just got in along with price cuts on hookahs, charcoals, accessories, and flavors! Use Discount Code "holiday" Expires 11/27/17 https://www.texashookah.com Newsletter: conta.cc/2zf89a5
  5. TexasHookah.com has been busy adding many new products: Shisha Brands - NU Shisha, Ugly Tobacco, Pure Tobacco, Zomo Tobacco, and Trifecta New Bowls - Gilani Glass Phunnel, HJ Trytis Bowl, Alpaca Bowls, Sahara Stone Vortex, and KS Appo Stone Bowls New Hookahs - Amira Magnetic Hookahs and Shika Hookahs We are running a special until the end of Sept for 15% off total purchase -Discount Code: "fallspecial" - http://www.texashookah.com
  6. So me looking thru different shishas say this one that was 100% natural made from tea leafs...!!!?? no tobacco just natural!! This was un believable at first but then i wondered how it taste!! So if any one out there has tried Evolution Shisha or knows how to purchas any LET ME KNOW!! Thanks
  7. My Favorite Flavor of hookah is definately "Bob Marley" its a mix of blue mist and sex on the beach. It is super good, super smooth, and you can smoke it for a while without it going bad. I havnt really found a GREAT brand of coals, but if its instant lites, I just throw them out or give them to a friend because they make the hookah taste like ass. haha. With Flavor I like Paradise tobacco. they are an excellent brand if you want a long lasting hookah, I suggest half paradise, and half starbuzz, since starbuzz is only for flavor, not duration. Your thoughts?
  8. Hey. Came up with an idea about taste for Apple Tobacco. I've got this juice-blender which literally seperates the fruit-flesh from the juice. The state of the remaining apple-flesh is, as if it had been in a food-blender, except from it's much drier. Well anyway, I was wondering if you could mildly roast it, till it got the wanted consistence, and then mix it up with tobacco, glycerin and molasses. The only thing I'm not sure about, is the amount of tobacco needed, compared to the amount of apple?
  9. Hey there. I've started a project about homemade shisha, there's just some things which I'm not quiet sure about yet. I know that I've got to get molasses & glycerin. That I've found. I've also figured out how to make an apple (f.ex.) usable for shisha (dehydrated, roasted, burned... Make it as dry as possiple). Also heard that i need about 50% of the shisha to be tobacco. All I'm wondering about is, if there is some sorta tobacco made for shisha, or you should just go and buy the same stuff you use for original pipes. I would also like to know if there's some places it's cheaper than others. At the moment, most of that I've seen, had been about 20$/pr. 100g. Please let me know if you know anything
  10. Alright so I met with the partner for the Hookah bar and Just had a few questions. 1) How many people would you guys say frequent a Hookah bar on a given day? Say poor day, average day, good day? 2) What products would you consider to cannibalize the sale of Hookah? Beer, Wine, Bar Food, ETC 3) What would you consider the best compliment products for a Hookah Bar to offer? Beer, Wine, Bar food, ETC 4) Obviously, atmosphere is important in a hookah bar. Is it alright to go away from the middle eastern theme maybe tropical? 5) What level of ventilation would you guys like to see in a hookah bar? Thanks for any help in advanced and I look forward to some nice discussions
  11. Hey Everyone, I'm looking to buy some shisha, preferably Nakhla, Al Fak, or Social Smoke based. It would need to be 200G amounts of shisha or more for me to consider coming out to you. But if you have any of these your looking to part with, leave the type, flavor, amount, and price your looking for Thanks!
  12. so, i've been an avid smoker for about a year, and even though i have rings and inhales and all that fancy stuff down, i want people's opinions on how they blow some great rings
  13. Description Kush Hookah Lounge is a premier hookah lounge located in Skokie Illinois. Kush has been open since June 16 2010. Kush offers a very cool environment and very relaxing atmosphere. Kush offers many flavors of hookah and many types of refreshments. Address 3327 Dempster Skokie Illinois 60077 Phone 847-676-KUSH Website [url="http://www.kushhookahlounge.com/"]http://www.KushHookahLounge.com[/url] (still under construction) Status Open until 4:00 am Hours Mon - Wed: 7:00 pm - 2:00 am Thurs - Sat: 7:00 pm - 4:00 am Sun: 7:00 pm - 2:00 am
  14. Hello, I am a student at temple university and am a new hookah owner. I am just wondering if there are any cheaper tobacco places that sell relatively cheap shisha and coals in philadelphia? Preferably in north Philadelphia or center city Philadelphia as I have no car and can only transport by subway or walking.
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