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Winter is coming! .... And So Is Christmas ....




    Hello again, hookah forum!

    I really want to start being more consistent in the way I write these blog entries. So far, everything has been happening so fast that it's difficult to find a solid block of time in order to sit down and write. So, thankfully, I get to take this afternoon and spend the time doing something at least relatively productive - writing! I've always loved reading and writing, but as I've grown up and been shoved into this thing called "adulting," I haven't really had the time to do much of either. I would completely say that my 2019 New Years' resolution will be to post here every week, but at the same time, I'm also starting school at Georgian College in January. So I make "hopes," not promises!

    Last Christmas, I was completely prepared for the holiday. I had already got all the gifts I needed to buy for people two weeks before Christmas rolled around. Well, Christmas is two weeks away this year and I've literally bought nothing as of yet. The nice thing is that I spend all my free time with friends or crafting, which honestly really does make giving gifts for any and all occasions that much easier. The supplies are cheap, and the finished product is something I can either give as a gift or sell. I have a community Facebook page that I've called "Brooke's Nook," where I've uploaded pictures of some of the things I've made, and right now, I'm making a bucketload of cable-knitted infinity scarves to sell or give away as gifts. So, when in doubt, I have a backup plan. My older sister, for the longest time, wanted me to make infinity scarves, but I had no idea how to attach the creation together up until I started making headbands. Learning how to make headbands and attaching them revolutionized the way I knitted - and then I learned how to do cables. It classes things up quite nicely, dare I say.

    Hope everybody's Christmas is amazing! Always remember to keep an eye out for decent shisha flavours, and I'm definitely interested in getting recommendations, so if you have any, pass it on in the comments! (I'm also hoping to do a longer blog, if people are interested!)

    Write soon.


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AF Melon and AF Mango were surprisingly good.  When in doubt, Fumari Ambrosia.

That's a nice blog post and well written.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Looking forward to the next blog.

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