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  1. Hello again, hookah forum! I really want to start being more consistent in the way I write these blog entries. So far, everything has been happening so fast that it's difficult to find a solid block of time in order to sit down and write. So, thankfully, I get to take this afternoon and spend the time doing something at least relatively productive - writing! I've always loved reading and writing, but as I've grown up and been shoved into this thing called "adulting," I haven't really had the time to do much of either. I would completely say that my 2019 New Years' resolution will be to post here every week, but at the same time, I'm also starting school at Georgian College in January. So I make "hopes," not promises! Last Christmas, I was completely prepared for the holiday. I had already got all the gifts I needed to buy for people two weeks before Christmas rolled around. Well, Christmas is two weeks away this year and I've literally bought nothing as of yet. The nice thing is that I spend all my free time with friends or crafting, which honestly really does make giving gifts for any and all occasions that much easier. The supplies are cheap, and the finished product is something I can either give as a gift or sell. I have a community Facebook page that I've called "Brooke's Nook," where I've uploaded pictures of some of the things I've made, and right now, I'm making a bucketload of cable-knitted infinity scarves to sell or give away as gifts. So, when in doubt, I have a backup plan. My older sister, for the longest time, wanted me to make infinity scarves, but I had no idea how to attach the creation together up until I started making headbands. Learning how to make headbands and attaching them revolutionized the way I knitted - and then I learned how to do cables. It classes things up quite nicely, dare I say. Hope everybody's Christmas is amazing! Always remember to keep an eye out for decent shisha flavours, and I'm definitely interested in getting recommendations, so if you have any, pass it on in the comments! (I'm also hoping to do a longer blog, if people are interested!) Write soon.
  2. The entries where I'm too tired to think always end up being the best ones I make, somehow or other. It's almost like I access a different part of my head when I'm too tired for sleep. I'm not smoking right now, unfortunately. I haven't been able to sleep at all tonight, and it's currently 3:40 am here. As tired as I am, I find myself gravitating towards somewhere I can get my thoughts out into the open, to air them out like I'm getting rid of stale are in an old room. And plus, it doesn't help to have decent music blasting in my ears! All I want to do is dance! (And I'm definitely still a Pentatonix fan! Currently listening to a song I'm obsessed with - their cover of "Havana" is incredible!) I have a candle in the room, so there's the smell of smoke somewhere in my general vicinity, at least. If I can find a shisha mix that's cinnamon bun flavoured I will be impressed! As a side note, Pentatonix's sound did (obviously) change with the introduction of a new member of the band, but as I adjust to it, I think he is a really good fit for the band. (I've begun watching "Anne With an E," and I LOVE the show! That's about all the pop culture I've been getting lately! Although, I'm not sure if "Breaking Bad" still counts as current pop culture.) My plans have now reverted back to me finding housing and a job, but I'm definitely feeling more successful about it this time than I was last time. I actually have had people interested in my resume this time, which has been a pretty amazing feeling. Given, I've updated it since my last round of resumes in February and I've included more features to the new one that I've recently handed out. But still, something about this time feels more hopeful. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen in the future! This time, I won't make any promises about when I'll be writing again - I actually have no idea if I'll be doing another impromptu entry. I surprised myself by writing this one. Write soon with an update!
  3. It's been too long since I've written here! I've spent some time in BC, and the people I stayed with were NOT smokers! Not necessarily that I am either .... other than hookahs. Safe to say though, that it's been way too long since I've smoked anything at all, and I can't wait to start again! I think the first flavour I'm excited to start off with after such a long break would be my classic "go-to" flavour - two apples. I've smoked several bowls in a row before .... it may have been over the top, but hey, it was fun. First things first though - what I've been up to lately. Ever since I got back from BC, I've been basically trying to find a place to live, and it's actually only just happened. I found a place near the school I got into, and I'm REALLY excited to start this next phase of my life. Maybe in this new place I don't have to smoke in the bathtub at 2 am in order not to be seen! Anyone ever have any positive stories of moving out on their own for the first time? This is the first time I've had my own apartment-type thing before. I've done things like live on campus at previous schools, and with family friends/relatives before (ie, in BC) but nothing like having my own place. I'm excited and nervous, both at the same time. Priority #1 - smoke a hookah the first night I'm there! I'm celebrating for sure! I'm starting the PSW course at Georgian College in January. I've been told it's an amazing college, and I've heard that the course itself is actually pretty decent. I'm really glad to be starting this new opportunity in my life, and I'm excited to see where it leads me! I want to go down the nursing path as a career option, and becoming a PSW is the first step in that direction. Right now, it's a good idea to get into the healthcare field because of the aging population, and plus, nursing jobs and other healthcare jobs are a good idea in general - you'll never be out of a job unless you're a significantly crappy employee. Even if I don't end up liking this career path, it's only a 2-semester course, so it's not like I blew years of life and money on something I didn't like in the end. If all else fails, I can always go into horticulture. I've grown several trees from the seed (two lemon, one apple, one starfruit, a mandarin tree, and my next project is a dragonfruit tree) and it's something I actually love doing. I'm one of the weirdest people you'll meet - I want to go into nursing, I love growing plants from the seed, I have a favourite car (1960's Corvette Stingray, in deep purple), and I love playing music (especially the bassoon). I'm also short and female. And I smoke hookahs .... so there's also that. Some days, I can't figure me out. Alright though, I'm heading offline for now. I hope to upload another entry within the next few days - I'm hoping to upload when I move into my new place. Write later!
  4. Hello, hookah forum! It is official - I am now re-obsessed with posting in this forum! I'm back yet again, but I'm at least glad it's Wednesday (even though it's 1 am) so that it doesn't look like I just spent the last three days job hunting and posting in this forum .... which is exactly what I've been doing .... and I just admitted it on a public forum. I'm just glad that I have something to do and a place where I can take my writing to a public level. I actually do love writing, and every time I sit down to do a hookah session, I try imagining what it would be like to be a published author. How cool would that be to be the author of a successful book or series? Speaking of media, apparently the original Star Wars movie was produced on a very low budget and it was projected that it would have practically no success, but then it hit a very small handful of movie theatres and literally exploded in popularity. I'm not exactly a Star Wars fan, but I found it interesting that something with such a huge influence on our culture could have been thought to be something that was thought to have very little success. I've had a pretty successful day so far. I went out to do some job-hunting. Again, the adjustment from country to town is difficult because I feel a lot more exposed here. I'm just really used to retreating to the countryside after a day out in public, and all of a sudden I see the main street and a major intersection outside of my window when it used to be a field and then a tree line. The best way I can describe it is of feeling quite exposed to the public, as if I'm being more watched than before. I have absolutely no clue if this rings true for anyone else, but I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this as well! (If you read my last blog I'm pretty sure I asked this question! Feel free to leave comments either there or here). I am currently smoking a Two Apples bowl and loving it. This is my favourite part of the day - just chilling when I can't sleep and sitting smoking the hookah. Since moving, I've still taken to smoking in the bathroom that's attached to my room because it's the most convenient place to smoke at night. While I don't necessarily have to hide it from invasive parents anymore, it's a habit that I've grown used to doing. And plus, it's warm inside. Smoking in the bathtub allows me to wash the ashes from the drain away and leaves less evidence for people to find. My current roommates seem pretty decent though, and I'm sure they'll be fine with my smoking. That's the nice thing about having chill roommates. It's quite a nice little place here. I really like the housing we have. All I need is a job so that I can maintain living here, and it sounds like there's potential for me out there. I should at least try to get to sleep Hope you all have an amazing night! Write soon.
  5. 3:12 pm, Monday. Hey hookah forum! I'm definitely imagining that I'm going to very quickly become re-obsessed with blogging here. With moving, I find that I'm either super busy or super bored. Anyone else have this problem? I'm going through it right now. This is in one of those moments that I'm a little bored and looking for something to do. I'm in the middle of finding a job, and I'm really hopeful that I might hear back from Harvey's. It's been about a week, and I have no idea if I'll actually hear back from anyone. But hey, I've had it before where I got a job somewhere, and then got a call from a place I applied at about a month (even two) previously. I'm still feeling hopeful though. There's bound to be something coming up eventually. Today it's an absolutely freezing day. I live in Newmarket right now, which is near Toronto ON for the readers who may not live in Canada. We're going through a bit of a cold snap right now, and temperatures are in the negatives with wind chills. And it's snowing like you wouldn't believe, very windy, and lots of snow drifts. I can't wait for a warm enough day to wear short shorts and t-shirts outside! This weather needs to make up its mind - I would love it to warm up and just be spring here! The nice thing about winter though is that snow can be beautiful, like after a fresh snowfall. I love walking through the woods with my dogs right after a fresh snowfall. I always feel a little guilty for leaving footprints in a fresh snowfall. Gonna head out for a bit and go job-hunting. Write more later! 11:24 pm, Tuesday Hey, hookah forum! Guess who has a job interview Friday at 11 am? This is amazing news!! It means I can support myself and continue growing my shisha stash!! I am ridiculously excited!! Sure, it's only McDonald's, but hey, it's still a job and a paycheque. I am really grateful even to get interviewed! Who has had experience working there? I've heard it's not a half bad employer, which is really great (And yes, I eat there more than I'm willing to admit!). And completely off topic, today was not as cold as yesterday. It was actually quite balmy by Canadian standards! Sunny, warm, and hovering around zero. I can't actually believe I'm describing that as warm. So I'm actually still looking for a shisha store around here. I find that head shops (weed shops) do tend to sell it, as well as that one store I visited not too long ago that made me feel like I was a tourist in the Middle East. I still want to smoke a bowl of authentic shisha in a country that gave the rest of the world the concept of the hookah. Like, how cool wold that be? Even though I don't do this too often, Ill sometimes look around on Google Images and check out some awesome-looking hookahs. It's amazing what there is out there. One of these days, when I actually have money to afford things, I hope to get a "real" hookah. Mine is a travel size, meant for up to two people, and it has a little purple base. I've got a purple hose on it as well, although the store that sold it to me claimed it was pink. To me, it looks purple. I've had an alright day so far. Not too much happened, other than a successful job hunting day. I applied at quite a few small restaurants and businesses in the area. I have to say that I love how much access to the general public I have, although I find the switch from country to town living a little harder than I expected. I'm used to going outside and being surrounded by trees and open fields. And all of a sudden, I'm facing a major intersection a handful of metres away from my front doorstep. It's so weird! I lived for about 17 years or so in the countryside, so the switch is very different for me. It's not necessarily a bad thing, as I do love how close I am to civilization and the town, but it's going to take some getting used to. Has anyone here moved from city/town to country? How did you find the switch? Anyone else move from country to city/town? I'm personally interested in moving to Toronto someday after I get my nursing degree and renting an apartment downtown. I hope to work with SickKids or something else like that. I've always hoped to make a difference in someone's life, and this is where I want to start. Gonna head out. Hope you all have an amazing night! Write later.
  6. Hello, forum! It's been a while since I last posted - a handful of days over a month! I hope all of you here in the forum had an amazing Christmas and New Years Eve/Day! I celebrated it smoking a hookah! I've been pretty distracted and busy lately, which is why I haven't been posting. As of late December/early January, I've moved out of my family home and I'm now rooming with a few friends. I love the area I'm now living in because of how accessible everything is where I'm located. My parents live out in the country, so the only way to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time was to drive. Which means it sucks if you don't have a driver's license (I can't necessarily afford a car right now .... but I can afford hookah supplies, and that's what counts!). I'm right on the bus line too, which is awesome. I haven't been doing a whole lot of smoking, which means when I do smoke, I enjoy it tons more than I used to. I absolutely adore just sitting down, smoking my favourite flavour (Two Apples) and just listening to music or talking to friends. It's an awesome and relaxing pastime and a good way to hang out and socialize. The funny thing is, I don't smoke anything except for the hookah. I love the ritual of setting it up, smoking it, and even cleaning it. I love walking into a shop and discovering it sells shisha. I can't wait for summer, when I can go smoke it outside on a warm day. I've even seen people smoking them at the beach, which is something I'm beginning to get interested in doing. As a side note, does anyone else have the same smoking habits as me - only smoking the hookah? I've also got this growing interested in paranormal stuff, and occasionally I'll YouTube a documentary about it while I smoke. I really like horror movies, which I never thought I would up until a friend let me use their Netflix account for a few months. One of the best and scariest ones I've seen is "The Babadook." Scary as hell and very well done - I would definitely recommend this movie if you're looking for a decent horror movie. I also love watching urban explorers on lockdown in a haunted location. Even if it's fake, which I'm sure at least some of it is, it's an entertaining watch. What are some favourite genres of movies out there? I'm gonna have to head out, but I hope everyone has had an amazing start to 2018, and I hope it continues!
  7. Hello hookah forum! I hope you're all having an amazing time celebrating the very last day of 2017! It's been quite the busy time at my family house, but it's also been an amazing Christmas season. I celebrated with the usual - multiple bowls of shisha and catching up with friends over text. As a side note, I love the fact that hookah smoke smells as amazing as it does - even if I don't necesarily like the flavour itself, the smoke always smells incredible. My absolute favourite smell is the banana, coconut, grape, and two apple flavours. 2018 is going to be an amazing year. I'm sure I mentioned being a student in previous posts, but I'm hoping to go back to school to work my way into nursing. I'm hoping to get into school in September 2018, and I'm really looking forward to building my education, starting out in a yearlong course as a PSW, which will hopefully lead into nursing. Anyone in this forum have any advice? As expected, I got nothing hookah-related for Christmas, but I did get a lot of loose leaf tea. I am an absolute fiend when it comes to loose leaf tea and hookahs - the bigger of my two vices would have to be the hookah. But I wouldn't change smoking hookahs for anything. For me, smoking it is a non-negotiable. I'm curious to know - did anyone get anything hookah-related for Christmas? And, who will you be smoking it with this New Years' Eve, if that is your plan? What are your top 3 things you're looking forward to in 2018? Gonna head offline for a bit. Hope your 2018 is an incredible year!
  8. Hello again forum! It's relatively early Saturday morning, and Christmas is only two days away! I'm not necessarily anticipating any hookah-related items (in fact, my mother is beginning to suspect I have one :S), and truthfully I have absolutely no idea what I want. I said I wasn't sure, so surprise me. This will be an interesting Christmas! (As an aside, a puppy would be great!) So I'm a fan of Pentatonix - I love the band! They put out tons of great content and have really incredible work out there, and they still do have some amazing stuff coming out. But, if you haven't been following them for a while, Avi left the group in May. And it just hasn't been the same since. I'm watching and listening to some of the content that Avi's been uploading since he left the group, and it's a bittersweet feeling to see him performing with another group. It's been a dream of mine to see PTX perform, and I would have loved to see it back when it was the original group. Still though, maybe this could be a good thing? Let's see how this goes. <-- Do I have any other Pentatonix fans out here in this forum? On New Years' Eve 2016/2017, I have to admit, I went into a sauna and did a session there. It was a really chill way just to usher in 2017. I remember it was the rose shisha I was using, and it was one of the best smoking sessions I've ever had. The atmosphere was really chill, really relaxed, warm and comfortable. I just love the hookah in general - and I love how the smoke of a hookah is one of the only ones that smells incredible after it's been smoked! It really does. One of my absolute favourite ones for amazing-smelling smoke is the rose - surprise surprise. I also love the Two Apples flavour once it's been smoked, except I feel like being a fan of black liquorice would have to be a prerequisite to getting this flavour. You wouldn't think by looking at the package that it would taste like that, being a new smoker. The banana one I just bought isn't bad, but it's not as flavourful as I thought/was hoping it would be. I'm not a fan of the peach or lemon one I have. The orange isn't bad (pretty sure it was on the shelf too long before they sold it to me, because it's a little dry. Good otherwise!) and I realize that I love the grape flavour. Alright, I'm going to head out and start my Saturday. Hope everyone has an amazing day!
  9. Hello hookah forum! Does anyone else have the problem where they magically just find themselves in a hookah shop or a head shop that sells hookah things .... and they're looking for hookah parts/shisha/other hookah items before they get most, if not all, of their Christmas shopping done? That's a perfect description of how my holiday shopping is going right now. I'll sooner find myself almost accidentally in these types of shops before I've even gotten any other shopping done. These shops can actually be the coolest thing though! As an example, I mentioned in my "New Flavour!" entry that I had this really cool mini "supermarket" that made me feel like I was somewhere in the Middle East. Their hookahs are gorgeous! I have never been more tempted to buy one, even though mine is perfectly fine and works well. I occasionally (key word for "more often than I'm willing to admit") look up ornate hookahs on Google Images. And as much as I have this massive urge to go online and just buy it (Christmas gift to myself! Haha) I wonder how difficult they must be to clean. I otherwise probably spend an unhealthy amount of time Googling online hookah shops, YouTubing hookah sessions, looking at antique and ornate hookahs on Google Images, and even researching starting my own hookah lounge. This is my life currently, but it's honestly a place where I don't mind being. Everyone needs that time to relax and do something they enjoy. Mine currently is smoking a hookah at night. I wouldn't trade that in for anything else. I love what it means to be involved with the hookah culture. One thing I would absolutely love to do is actually go to a place where hookahs originated from. Imagine going to the Middle East and having a traditional smoking session there! How cool would that be?! And yes, I've also YouTubed and Googled this, and that is where this whole interest came from. It would be the most amazing experience to just get out of the comfort of my own home and experience a culture that is so radically different from my own. I can say that it will be an absolutely massive culture shock to go from the cold Canadian climate and familiarity of home here to somewhere like Turkey or Arabia. And being someone with a pale complexion, thanks on both fronts to genetics and a colder climate, I know I'll be facing a massive sunburn for most of my trip there - and I probably wouldn't be allowed back into Canada because I won't even look like my own photo by the end of the trip. Totally worth it? Maybe once the sunburn fades. If anyone has actually had this experience on a vacation/other type of trip, drop it in the comments! Gonna head off to continue my day! Have an awesome one, everyone.
  10. Hello blog! I am definitely one to indulge in guilty little habits. If smoking a hookah didn't automatically qualify, drinking excess amounts of caffeine might! I absolutely love drinking Monster energy drinks. I bought six a week ago (No Frills had an amazing sale on them!) and the cashier gave me this look, like I was nuts. Hey, I never said I was gonna drink them all at once. And, they make great morning coffee replacement drinks, especially since I don't always have the time to make one in my French press (hint: get a coffee lover a French press. Some good ones can be bought for cheaper like at Winners/Canadian Tire/thrift shops/stores that sell kitchenware). As much as it makes me tired the next morning, I love relaxing, binge-watching YouTube videos, and having late-night chats over text with friends while I smoke. And I love trying new flavours. There was a coconut flavour in the store I bought the banana stuff from that I didn't see till the lady took the banana one off the shelf for me. I have no regrets except not having enough money to spend on it right away. I could've bought it, but it's also the Christmas season *cries a little*. I wish I had more people in my immediate circle that appreciates the hookah the same way I do! *Sigh* for now, I'll live with it. As a side note, I'm 100% looking for flavour suggestions, so feel free to post your favourite/recommended flavours in the comments. (Another completely weird off-topic and fun discussion point, what are some of the weirdest flavours you've seen? Not that I've tried it, but I've seen pumpkin spice. I almost bought it, but I'm still a broke college student. AND it's the Christmas season.) <-- Feel free to comment about flavour recommendations and weirdest flavours you've seen There is something to be said for a decent hookah sesh at the end of a long day, especially in winter. It's hovering around the 0-to-below-six range here in my little hometown, so it's really nice to be indoors and using the coal at the top of the hookah to warm my hands whenever they get cold. Plus, it's an amazing feeling to just sit down and relax while blowing smoke. I completely enjoy it, if you couldn't already tell. It's always hard to answer the question, "do you smoke?" That question normally implies smoking cigarettes, so asking, "Smoke what?" is my go-to answer. It drives some people nuts to answer a question with a question, but in this case, it's a worthy cause. I'm going to continue doing pretty much nothing (again), so I hope you all have an amazing evening
  11. 4:15 pm, Friday afternoon Hello fellow hookah smokers! The nice thing about where I work is that we have this little Middle Eastern "supermarket" store close to us that's actually got TONS of authentic hookahs, lots of shisha brands and flavours just behind the counters, and REALLY cool Middle Eastern foods, pastries, and other items that literally made me feel like I could look out of the window and see a street that's somewhere in Turkey or Israel. I felt really out of place with a coat and a red nose from the cold in that store .... that's how cool it is over in Canada. Oh how I LOVE the (below) freezing weather! Ahaha, not :S Anyway, I'm super excited to say that I've picked up what I consider a "classic" flavour and a flavour I've never tried before in the store. What I mean by "classic" flavour is that it's one of the first ones I've tried, and it reminds me of just when I began smoking the hookah with the friend that introduced me to them. It's the Al Fakher brand of two apples, and it takes me right back to some of the earliest, most "classic" memories of smoking it with a little bit of vodka or beer (my favourites were coolers - still are) with a group of close friends in the summer. I've got some good times smoking these things. The other flavour that I've never tried (and that I was REALLY hoping I'd be able to at some point sooner or later) is the Lewis Marie brand of banana flavoured shisha. Yes, I’m quite the “girly” flavour enthusiast. I can’t wait to try it later! 12:11 am, Saturday Just finished smoking a bowl of the banana stuff! And I really, really liked it. Couldn't say I loved it, but it definitely was really great. The BEST part of it was smelling it once it had been smoked. It honestly smelled like candy. Our furnace is broken here at home, so we have a fireplace going. I keep hearing my parents walking around upstairs, checking the main fireplace, so it sketched me out a bit. I have never seen them up this late so energetic before, and I kept waiting for a parental unit to walk downstairs and discover that I was smoking a hookah in the bathtub! It affected my session, and not in a good way. But hey, the bowl was actually pretty great, so other than trying to keep the noise down and a slightly pounding heart, it wasn't a bad session. My dad caught me once, and he figured it out pretty quickly. My bathroom smelled like rose-scented charcoal smoke, and I swear I don't magically walk out of a bathroom leaving it smelling like that on a regular basis. HUGE tipoff right there, but so long as neither of us told my mother, he was cool with it. Again, he was a smoker (he recently quit cigarettes. YAY! Cigarette smoke definitely does NOT smell nearly as good as hookah smoke does) so I'm sure he understood the whole "why" behind smoking to begin with. He's never smoked a hookah, and I've never smoked cigarettes, and I'm sure they're really different, but there's gotta be some sort of mutual understanding between people who smoke .... even though one is completely different from the other. For those who smoke both - obviously they're both different, but in which ways are they the same? Different? I LOVE this blogging option. Gonna keep updating. In the meantime, I literally need sleep more than I can verbalize. I have been getting pretty much none for the last two nights, so I'll update later! Write soon!
  12. Hello again to my readers! I've begun to realize that my favourite kinds of smoking sessions are late at night, especially when they hover around the midnight-to-one-am hours. I know the night is still relatively young to be smoking, but here I am, doing my own little session in the bathtub (yes, that's how I do things 'round here .... if anything catches on fire, at least my bathtub also has a shower option I can turn on just in case). I'm smoking a lemon-flavoured Shisha right now. It's not my absolute favourite flavour to be smoking, to be honest, but it's definitely not my least favourite. One of the first flavours I smoked was the two apples flavour, which tastes like black liquorice. That flavour, plus the rose and mint, will always be my all-time favourites. Those three will always be the "classic hookah pipe flavours" to me. Late-night lone sessions are when I get most of my thinking done. Nighttime, listening to the house settling as I smoke a bowl, is how I settle down and unwind after a stressful day. I know in a "perfect world," I tend to thrive on structure, including structured sleeping .... but in reality, I'd actually rather smoke a bowl and just reflect on the day before bed than just go straight to bed. A combination of smoking and writing does wonders to how well I sleep, I recently discovered. As far as I'm concerned, even if the number of hours I sleep appear to be less by "normal" standards, I figure it's quality over quantity. And thus, this blog has been born out of that theory - smoke a bowl, clear my head, and be asleep for a "power nap" in replacement of what most call "real sleep." Who needs sleep when you have the internet and a good bowl? Some of my favourite memories of me and other friends have come from smoking the hookah together. There have been so many amazing back porch memories of when we would sit around and smoke the hookah together, discussing a range of topics as wide as TV shows to very serious life chats. I love the idea of just being able to sit down and talk with someone in a comfortable and quiet environment to get to really know someone better. As much as I am a coffee and tea enthusiast (I own my own French Press and an embarrassingly large collection of loose leaf tea), I think there's something to be said for sitting down and smoking a hookah together. Definitely a fan of it! I swear, the next entry will be more focussed on real life than on the hookah (although, you can expect at least one or two honourable mentions in the next post!)! Have an amazing holiday season!
  13. First blog post here in the forum! While it's not necessarily my very first blog post ever, but definitely one of the ones I can count on one hand. It's a beautiful December day in the GTA, 2 in the afternoon, and my day's barely gotten started. Productivity does not exist with me today. So, in lieu of that, I decided to at least do something with my day - hence the blog post. It's something to keep me busy and productive as I chill with my dogs on a Sunday afternoon. A laid-back Sunday afternoon is usually the perfect time to smoke a bowl of Shisha, but I have family in the house who don't necessarily approve of the hookah. It's still my favourite thing to smoke, above and beyond anything else I've tried (which, admittedly, isn't very much else outside of the hookah). Even though the parents don't necessarily like it, I think my dad is more accepting of it than my mom, him having been a smoker of cigarettes for a lot of his life. Either way though, I try to keep it out of their sight in hopes that they won't permanently ban me from using it while I live under their roof. I personally love the hookah. I love the ritual of setting it up, sitting down to enjoy it, and having conversations with friends as we do a smoke session. I love the way the smoke tastes, I love the flavours, and I love how exotic it looks. I love how it's the best way for me to relax right before I get to bed. There are few things as relaxing as smoking a good hookah bowl before bed. I've had a lot of good conversations with people as I smoke it, but lately I've run out of company to smoke with, as circumstances in their lives caused them to move away or become too busy for the most part to come over. So yes, recently I've started to miss the company of a smoking partner or two. I'm looking to get into college for a one-year PSW course within the next year or two as a stepping stone to get into nursing, so I'm hoping I can either meet people who've tried it themselves or turn people into hookah enthusiasts while there. It's now time that I continue doing absolutely nothing in my day. I'll update this blog probably tomorrow or the next day. Have an awesome day, everyone!
  14. Hello hookah forum! I have been smoking the hookah for a little while now - probably about 2 or so years - before I joined this forum. There are tons of things I love about smoking the hookah, including the ritual of setting it up, relaxing while in a session, and just chatting and having decent conversations while I smoke. I got introduced to it by a friend I fairly recently lost touch with. These questions are for fun conversation starters, and just because I'm curious to know - what are some of your favourite things about smoking the hookah? And how did you first get introduced to it?
  15. I'm from the GTA and discovered the hookah through a friend. Super glad to be. Part of this community
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