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Late Nights/Tired Thoughts




    The entries where I'm too tired to think always end up being the best ones I make, somehow or other. It's almost like I access a different part of my head when I'm too tired for sleep.

    I'm not smoking right now, unfortunately. I haven't been able to sleep at all tonight, and it's currently 3:40 am here. As tired as I am, I find myself gravitating towards somewhere I can get my thoughts out into the open, to air them out like I'm getting rid of stale are in an old room. And plus, it doesn't help to have decent music blasting in my ears! All I want to do is dance! (And I'm definitely still a Pentatonix fan! Currently listening to a song I'm obsessed with - their cover of "Havana" is incredible!) I have a candle in the room, so there's the smell of smoke somewhere in my general vicinity, at least. If I can find a shisha mix that's cinnamon bun flavoured I will be impressed! As a side note, Pentatonix's sound did (obviously) change with the introduction of a new member of the band, but as I adjust to it, I think he is a really good fit for the band. (I've begun watching "Anne With an E," and I LOVE the show! That's about all the pop culture I've been getting lately! Although, I'm not sure if "Breaking Bad" still counts as current pop culture.)

    My plans have now reverted back to me finding housing and a job, but I'm definitely feeling more successful about it this time than I was last time. I actually have had people interested in my resume this time, which has been a pretty amazing feeling. Given, I've updated it since my last round of resumes in February and I've included more features to the new one that I've recently handed out. But still, something about this time feels more hopeful. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen in the future!

    This time, I won't make any promises about when I'll be writing again - I actually have no idea if I'll be doing another impromptu entry. I surprised myself by writing this one. Write soon with an update!



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