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Odds, Ends, And Extra Thoughts




3:12 pm, Monday.

Hey hookah forum!

    I'm definitely imagining that I'm going to very quickly become re-obsessed with blogging here. With moving, I find that I'm either super busy or super bored. Anyone else have this problem? I'm going through it right now. This is in one of those moments that I'm a little bored and looking for something to do. I'm in the middle of finding a job, and I'm really hopeful that I might hear back from Harvey's. It's been about a week, and I have no idea if I'll actually hear back from anyone. But hey, I've had it before where I got a job somewhere, and then got a call from a place I applied at about a month (even two) previously. I'm still feeling hopeful though. There's bound to be something coming up eventually.

    Today it's an absolutely freezing day. I live in Newmarket right now, which is near Toronto ON for the readers who may not live in Canada. We're going through a bit of a cold snap right now, and temperatures are in the negatives with wind chills. And it's snowing like you wouldn't believe, very windy, and lots of snow drifts. I can't wait for a warm enough day to wear short shorts and t-shirts outside! This weather needs to make up its mind - I would love it to warm up and just be spring here! The nice thing about winter though is that snow can be beautiful, like after a fresh snowfall. I love walking through the woods with my dogs right after a fresh snowfall. I always feel a little guilty for leaving footprints in a fresh snowfall.

    Gonna head out for a bit and go job-hunting. Write more later!

11:24 pm, Tuesday

    Hey, hookah forum!

    Guess who has a job interview Friday at 11 am? :D :D This is amazing news!! It means I can support myself and continue growing my shisha stash!! I am ridiculously excited!! Sure, it's only McDonald's, but hey, it's still a job and a paycheque. I am really grateful even to get interviewed! Who has had experience working there? I've heard it's not a half bad employer, which is really great (And yes, I eat there more than I'm willing to admit!). And completely off topic, today was not as cold as yesterday. It was actually quite balmy by Canadian standards! Sunny, warm, and hovering around zero. I can't actually believe I'm describing that as warm.

    So I'm actually still looking for a shisha store around here. I find that head shops (weed shops) do tend to sell it, as well as that one store I visited not too long ago that made me feel like I was a tourist in the Middle East. I still want to smoke a bowl of authentic shisha in a country that gave the rest of the world the concept of the hookah. Like, how cool wold that be? Even though I don't do this too often, Ill sometimes look around on Google Images and check out some awesome-looking hookahs. It's amazing what there is out there. One of these days, when I actually have money to afford things, I hope to get a "real" hookah. Mine is a travel size, meant for up to two people, and it has a little purple base. I've got a purple hose on it as well, although the store that sold it to me claimed it was pink. To me, it looks purple.

    I've had an alright day so far. Not too much happened, other than a successful job hunting day. I applied at quite a few small restaurants and businesses in the area. I have to say that I love how much access to the general public I have, although I find the switch from country to town living a little harder than I expected. I'm used to going outside and being surrounded by trees and open fields. And all of a sudden, I'm facing a major intersection a handful of metres away from my front doorstep. It's so weird! I lived for about 17 years or so in the countryside, so the switch is very different for me. It's not necessarily a bad thing, as I do love how close I am to civilization and the town, but it's going to take some getting used to. Has anyone here moved from city/town to country? How did you find the switch? Anyone else move from country to city/town? I'm personally interested in moving to Toronto someday after I get my nursing degree and renting an apartment downtown. I hope to work with SickKids or something else like that. I've always hoped to make a difference in someone's life, and this is where I want to start.

    Gonna head out. Hope you all have an amazing night! Write later.



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