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Hello, forum!

    It's been a while since I last posted - a handful of days over a month! I hope all of you here in the forum had an amazing Christmas and New Years Eve/Day! I celebrated it smoking a hookah! I've been pretty distracted and busy lately, which is why I haven't been posting. As of late December/early January, I've moved out of my family home and I'm now rooming with a few friends. I love the area I'm now living in because of how accessible everything is where I'm located. My parents live out in the country, so the only way to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time was to drive. Which means it sucks if you don't have a driver's license (I can't necessarily afford a car right now .... but I can afford hookah supplies, and that's what counts!). I'm right on the bus line too, which is awesome.

    I haven't been doing a whole lot of smoking, which means when I do smoke, I enjoy it tons more than I used to. I absolutely adore just sitting down, smoking my favourite flavour (Two Apples) and just listening to music or talking to friends. It's an awesome and relaxing pastime and a good way to hang out and socialize. The funny thing is, I don't smoke anything except for the hookah. I love the ritual of setting it up, smoking it, and even cleaning it. I love walking into a shop and discovering it sells shisha. I can't wait for summer, when I can go smoke it outside on a warm day. I've even seen people smoking them at the beach, which is something I'm beginning to get interested in doing. As a side note, does anyone else have the same smoking habits as me - only smoking the hookah?

    I've also got this growing interested in paranormal stuff, and occasionally I'll YouTube a documentary about it while I smoke. I really like horror movies, which I never thought I would up until a friend let me use their Netflix account for a few months. One of the best and scariest ones I've seen is "The Babadook." Scary as hell and very well done - I would definitely recommend this movie if you're looking for a decent horror movie. I also love watching urban explorers on lockdown in a haunted location. Even if it's fake, which I'm sure at least some of it is, it's an entertaining watch. What are some favourite genres of movies out there?

    I'm gonna have to head out, but I hope everyone has had an amazing start to 2018, and I hope it continues! :)



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